5.6 – Keep following Four Birds Trail (WHITE) straight [RED goes left and right]. Shorter Option: Had enough? Still a good, challenging hike!! Fairly flat hike! The trail can be difficult to follow at times. Always cool when you get to meet the locals! A good portion of it follows a fire road. 9/10/15 – Description updated, GPX added. This trail leads downhill for 0.8 mile and crosses Highway 61. I have heard the trail is not maintained regularly so the trees may be there a while. Please check our Trail Reroutes page for any changes to Map 19, or Splitrock Narrows. 4/28/18 – re-hiked; description updated. Loved this trail, great to park at Wildcat ridge when its not packed. Lots of blow-downs made the going more tedious, but the weather was gorgeous, so who are we to complain. Trail Blog: “Splitrock Reservoir Loop on Labor Day“Hiked: 11/2/08. Turn at the first right onto Green Pond Road. 0.5 – Watch for the blazes, and Turn RIGHT to start following Four Birds Trail (WHITE). The views were great! This often fills up and if it is, you are out of luck…. Map and description (c) Bruce Trail Conservancy. Click here to download the Trails Brochure. GPS: BailoutOption. Awesome hike. We've kayaked all the way to the end, but a breeze in the afternoons can make it VERY tiring on the way back. Please bring a biodegradable bag with you when visiting to take your trash home. Also, too many downed trees across the trail, and lots of them quite old - not well-maintained. Upper Hibernia Road Green Pond Road (County Route 513) Split Rock Road Lyonsville Road Car Top Boat Launch and Parking Area Splitrock Reservoir Access Site 0 0.4 0.8 1.2 1.60.2 Miles The trail is quite exposed in places and comes close to the cliff edge so use caution. Updates: 7/2020 – Added photos, minor tweaks. Split Rock road seemed to be in good shape 8/2020 was full of decent sized potholes 4/2018. I would actually rate the trail as hard based on the downed trees. Otherwise, there are multiple map sources: Trail Map (on right side click “WCRmap.pdf” and print out reservoir section) Split Rock Reservoir only, on lettersize page (The reservoir portion combined from the detail pages below; from GoneHikin Blog) There is a man-made dam on the southwest end of the reservoir. We’ve done this loop in both directions and think it’s better clockwise (the directions below) because that puts the “easier” rocky woods road sections (Charlottesburg Rd) at the end. [Option: Turn left on Charlottesburg Rd and take that back instead of the trail]. There are sections where the trail is NOT well marked. Hop a stream crossing on rocks; there was a rope the last time we hiked. To south end of Splitrock Reservoir to access Split Rock Loop, Four Birds Trail and Wildcat Ridge areas: Take I-287 to N.J. Route 23 North to Newfoundland, turn around via the U-turn system at LaRue Road to head south on Route 23. Continue following Four Birds Trail (WHITE) as it follows closer to the reservoir. only park in the lot, you will get ticketed if you park along the road. Finding the trail was a bit challenging, as it wasn’t obvious from the parking area. Signs are posted – C NT – Course Map . There may be an orange ribbon on a tree. This trail was recommended to us and we were not all that thrilled with it. The reservoir and surrounding land is owned by the State of New Jersey and the public may access the water body for fishing and kayaking only from the public access parking area located near the dam. Optional add-on: Not long after, you may spot a large stone bridge and a stream far off to the left (likely only spot it if the leaves are down). This hike is accessible only from that parking area. Either way requires a dusty road walk at the beginning and end of the hike. There are several unmarked trails or woods road in the area which we haven’t marked or noted, just stick to the blazed trails. Views of the reservoir from the bridge, through a chain link fence. [Four Birds Trail (WHITE) continues straight, there are yellow signs]. Travel past Jacobs Road and Timberbrook Road. Take to Splitrock rd. I hiked a few days after Tropically Storm Isaias and there were several trees down blocking the trail.

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