I am very disappointed this time. Original review: Feb. 28, 2020. I'd like to tell the company, but I can't find info on them. It was the secind bite of my first slice. Here is the kicker: the ONLY thing that has not changed is the price! Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products. 207 friends. Bland. My kids don't eat, and I have no more reason to buy it. Every 5/10 minutes check to see if the bottom is crisping, in 10 to 15 minutes it should be ready. I agree with Anonymous! My husband wasn’t much of a fan and I can’t say I was either. Your email address will not be published. Cool 1. When I looked at the microwave instructions instead of the usual 21/2-3:00 cooking time it was reduced to 1:20-1:35. Make cooking fun and easy with Costco's great offers on ovens and toasters! Please bring back the Sabatasso's thin and crispy singles. I agree with all the others and strongly urge the manufacturer to bring back the deep dish individuals. REVIEW – Silk Road Foods: Kimchi & Pork Dumplings from Costco (Frozen), REVIEW – Bibigo Chicken Steamed Dumplings from Costco (Frozen). Kirkland Signature Creamy Almond Butter. I just ate 2 and the remaining 8 that I have are gone to the garbage bin. Years ago I used to buy them at Costco, but now the Costco's near my area only ever seem to carry the Deluxe ones. this pizza kit is great!! Costco pizza, to say the least, was something I shouldn’t have overlooked. They do not taste as processed as the other brand in the freezer aisle. A post shared by Costco Pizza Blog (@costcopizzablog) on Feb 29, 2020 at 10:15am PST. Remove film overwrap and cardboard and place frozen pizza on middle rack. Funny 1. Costco Mini Frozen 4-cheese Pizza (Sabatasso's) - 1 Pizza. Why I didn’t stop for a slice of delectable pizza, I don’t know, or even one of those awesome non-fat frozen yogurts. No thanks, Sabatasso. ?If so, to the corporate individual(s) who made that decision, I say only this....BOOOOOO !! Do they think this goes unnoticed? BRING BACK THE DEEP DISH DELUXE!!!!!!!!!! Food Reviews : Grubbin' it up like a pug! We have tried to use a pizza pan but then it turns out mushy. Fits a 12'' Pizza and 4 Slices of Bread; Stainless Steel; Rated 0 out of 5 stars based on 0 reviews. Sabatasso's is the bomb. Refrigerate or discard any unused portion. The best gluten free pizza anywhere! When I'm in a hurry to get to work and have no time to prepare a lunch, I could always pop a mini pizza in my lunch pail. I have 9 in my family and that is the only pizza I purchased. REVIEW – Sabatasso’s Deep Dish Pizza Singles from Costco (Frozen). A Mini Review Of The Sabatasso's Pizza Variety Packs On Sale This Month. Browse Costco. Reduced the product weight, but didn’t reduce the price to reflect on that. So from all I've read above, it isn't Costco which has stopped selling deep-dish, but is the Schwan Food Company discontinuing it altogether. It tastes the same as it did before 15 years ago, only now they seem to have added thin pepp. ADVERTISEMENT. I’m used to their previous product – 185 gram pepperoni with a multitude of vegetable included – in comparison these new ones are horrible. “We really like the thin crust cheese pizza from Sabatasso, and I think the crust is gluten-free. I am thinking of returning the product to Costco. Hoping they have more... Would love to buy more for his b-day party... That's why I'm on line reading all these reviews... Wow - Cannot bleive so many people don't like these. The pepperoni also seemed to have a smoky kind of flavor. They were tasty as far as quick foods go. 15 % 11g Protein. Calorie Goal 1,710 cal. I purchased Sabatasso"s "Pizza Singles " 12 in a Box 6 Pepperoni and 6 Cheese. I will never buy another Sabatosso product.If enough people get fed up enough with this gouging and refuse to buy products from companies that engage in these practices, maybe... just maybe they'll get the hint. The second one I put in for 3 minutes, and it came out much better. They are almost half as thick as the others and not near as tasty. Costco Kirkland Signature Four Meat Pizza. On this last trip I found frozen gluten-free pizza from Sabatasso’s Pizzeria. I purchased it at Costco & am amazed at how good it is as a started base for your ingredients. Instead, stock up on Costco’s Kirkland Signature frozen pizza. They were the worst individual pizza I have ever eaten,the Pepperoni was disgusting and the cheese was no better.They were cooked in a conventional oven not microwaved.They are now in the garbage.Wasted Money. Recent Posts. 47 % 15g Fat. (223) Compare Product. Unfortunately this isn't the only item this happens to. Skip to Main Content. But I have contacted them and let them know that there is an online community looking for the deep dish pizza's. Please bring back the original!! Love to pile on the veggies & pepperoni & bake it on a pizza stone. how the hell are the thin ones only 'okay' you obviously have high standards these are the bomb i enjoy pizza that tastes good and ive paid 10 dollars for a mediocre pizza that doesn't taste nearly as good as these babies. I had a couple the other night and blech... not only was I disappointed with the product but they don't even give proper oven directions. 67 reviews of Costco "Costco. I told the rep this was blatant fraud. Anyway - Hope Costco keeps these and doesn't discontinue them. I so much loved the Sabatasso's deep-dish singles (purchased at Costco) that my wife knew to pull me out of a rough day by saying, "I thought tonight we'd just make some Sabatasso's and a salad (I would not permit it to be called 'pizza'.....only referred to as 'Sabatasso's'). We used to love these pizzas, but the quality is getting pretty bad. Why do companies change ingredients or skip on an ingredient....it really shows in the product. No more for me. THANKS a lot uncaring Costco! Completely agree! There are no redeeming qualities about Udi's pizza and I will not buy it. It come in 2 large pizzas in a box for only 14.00 at costco. your eating pizza people.. go have a "diet coke" with your "crispy singles". The size has shrunk to 105 gram the topping were applied by someone throwing toppings in the general direction of the shells, and obviously someone was pissed that they had to stay late when their relief didn't show. Pizza is done when cheese is melted & crust bottom is golden brown. So please send a email to them. Daily Goals. I have never had this problem with a pizza before. A Mini Review Of The Sabatasso's Pizza Variety Packs On Sale This Month, Fischer & Wieser Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce, A Costco blog including reviews of products & stores, Epicurious Advanced Search (Bon Appetit & Gourmet Magazines), My Money Blog-one of the best personal finance blogs and he likes Costco, Harbor Humane Society Donation and Wish List Page. It cooks up fast and you can add any toppings you like. Per serving size 1 pizza (102-105g) contains 290-310 calories, 140-160 from fat. My boyfriend eats the pepperoni and I eat the four cheese. Update. This seems to work, the bottom crisps and the top is not over brown. It was truly, in everyone’s minds, one of the best all-around pizzas in the bracket. BLOG. I'm disappointed. If you’ve tried both, let us know if you think they’re the same! The new ones are garbage and I want pizza with toppings on it. Bought the Sabatasso's GLUTEN FREE a couple months ago, could not believe how delicious it was. They did however, redesign the tray so you cook it in the tray, not on top, which it just slides off of. When is Costco going to bring back the Deep Dish Sabatassos single pizzas? The Freschetta pizza looks remarkably like this one, so I wonder if it’s a case of Costco putting the same product under a different brand, as they’re known to do. Kirkland Signature Frozen Cheese Pizza. Serving Size : 1 Pizza. Maybe not as good as real-deal homemade or restaurant pizza but pretty good! Related Products. Tell them you want them back. All stores seem to take a good product out and put what they say is better one in. Hopefully if everyone does they will bring them back. This is my firs and last purchase of these 4 cheese & the peperoni. Today, I opened a new box to have one and was really ticked off at what I saw.The pizza's we were accustomed to were thick crust with ample toppings. I am so bummed out. "When the deep-dish versions disappeared from Costco, we tried the Sabatasso's thin crust kind. The first time, I tried 4 minutes, and the pizza was so overcooked it became hard as a rock. The crust comes out just the right amount of crispiness & it accents but does not overpower the taste of … I bought a package of 12 Sabatasso's deep dish pizzas (6 cheese, 6 pepperoni) from Costco. The thin crust ones are terrible. There were six pepperoni and six cheese pizzas in the package. Now I have a box almost full in the freezer, and nobody likes it. And we’re being hosed for nearly 1 KG of pizza from what the old packaging was. The deep dish mini pizza's were on my list. I too miss the Deep Dish Deluxe Pizzas! All these people complaining they "have too many calories"…. Bistro: Mashed Potatoes from Costco, REVIEW – Foster Farms Tequila Lime Wings from Costco, REVIEW – Ajinomoto Tokyo Style Chicken Shoyu Ramen (Frozen), REVIEW – Bibigo: Korean Style Bibimbap Beef (Frozen) from Costco, REVIEW – Kirkland Signature Lobster Bisque from Costco, REVIEW – Boudin Sourdough Clam Chowder from Costco, REVIEW – High Liner Tortilla Crusted Tilapia from Costco (Frozen). It's a descent value, and convenient to have in the freezer. I can only find these at Costco, so I pick up a box every trip. Where are the good old deep dish pizzas they used to sell? Your email address will not be published. We liked the convenience and size of these. Rated 4 out of 5 stars based on 223 reviews. If you live near a Costco, you need to try Sabatasso’s New Thin and Crispy Gluten Free Pizza! Because Schwan's Consumer Brands decided to do what so many other A-Hole companies are doing these days. Costco should discontinue selling these. I agree with all the comments about how bad the pizza has become. The Deep Dish Sabatassos single pizzas were one of the best products that Costco ever carried. We saw these in the coupon flyer for this month and we thought they were worth a try. I have to agree with the comment on March 3, 2014. I just got this from Costco. I don't have them here in Hamilton Ontario. ... Every Sabatasso's® pizza is made with the same commitment to premium quality and flavor that Louis Sabatasso started three generations ago in Naples, Italy. I don't know why everyone is whining about this product. I always have them in the freezer. Sabatasso's gluten free cheese pizza's have wondetful thin crispy crusts with a blend of 4 cheeses. PLEASE PLEASE can you get the mini's thin & crispy back. 8 ct. Costco's expansive freezer section is filled with enough options to take you into the next Ice Age. Ugh...I have Celiacs Disease and tried this pizza about a month ago. I live in Hawaii and the SABATASSO'S thin & crispy mini pizza's were the best. All fields are required. I donate to a Youngmen's home and am in Costco at least 4 days a week. Shop by departments, or search for specific item(s). Costco. Sabatasso’s Gluten Free Four Cheese Pizza ($20) These gluten-free pizzas are surprisingly delicious and come in packs of three, which makes … We add our own toppings like black olives, Canadian bacon, etc.” -Donna, Hip2Save Reader The Sabatasso’s Pizza Singles from Costco were surprisingly delicious, despite the way they looked compared to the other frozen pizzas. Available in 94105. We will NO LONGER buy them. I bought Red Baron Deep Dish Singles at the grocery store when we were out of the Costco pizzas and recalled this is what they used to be. Discontinued. 97 reviews. The sauce on the pizza was a little sweet but not super sweet, which was good, and the crust on the pizza was soft. ). Fortunately, it does both of these things remarkably well. We finally found a calorie responsible way to enjoy pizza and it disappeared from Costco. I don't know about Sabatasso's conventional pizza, but the gluten free variety is better than any frozen pizza on the market, and better than most fresh from the restaurant versions. The Order: This is a solid slice of pizza all around. Each box contains 12 individually wrapped pizzas – 6 pepperoni with real mozarella and 6 four cheese with mozarella, yellow cheddar, provolone and parmesan. The rep said she would pass on my concerns to the marketing dept. Sabatasso’s gluten-free pizza is available in just one variety: 4-cheese thin & crispy. I bought a package of 12 Sabatasso's deep dish pizzas (6 cheese, 6 pepperoni) from Costco. Reduce the size, keep the same price and don't inform the consumer so we can up our profit margin.I called their 1-800-225-7211 number and was told this is a new product. BS! I also purchased a box of 12 thin crust Sabatasso single pizzas (6 pepperoni, 6 cheese) and they are awful. I thought the Sabatasso's Gluten Free pizza was the best gluten free I've ever tasted, but Costco replace it with the YUDIs cardboard pizza. It's just a flat square. 38 % 27g Carbs. I find it quite economical as it comes in a 2 pack for around $12 (I'm in Western Canada). Sam's club still has the product we like so maybe we will be going to Sam;s more often. Well...they were not in the freezer section at Costco. DEEP DISH SABATASSO'S MINI PIZZAS ARE THE BEST THING EVERI EAT 2 - 4 MINI PIZZAS A DAY TO STAY STRONG, Thank you , I thought I was the only one who missed them. The thin singles are crap in comparison. A northwest born company that sells things in bulk. Same exterior packaging, same price for half the product. http://www.redbaron.com/deep-dish-pizza.htm. Price remains the same - Quality is garbage. Overall, the pizza tasted pretty good. 2. El Presidente 1/21/2019 11:00 PM. I tried these but will never buy them again. What a disappointment!Mushy in the micro, tasteless made conventionally. Thin Crust Cheese Take & Bake Pizza. Does anyone else have this problem? It is the best gluten free crust ever made. Dedicated to cooking with and enjoying the fine foods of Costco. Too much bread, too little cheese. Late 2013 I noticed the pizzas were considerably smaller -- thinner crust and less cheese - with shorter cooking time as evidence of less food. Costco Item#624842. 15-18g total fat, 600-710mg sodium(25%-30% of DV), 1g fiber, 7g sugars and 11-12g protein. Bring back the Deep Dish Deluxe! Then put oven on 350 oF and convect. At maarslet-pizza.dk you can find everything you want to know about Sabatasso Pizza Cooking Instructions. What a pity! I went to Costco yesterday. CostcoChaser Costco Product Reviews ... Costco-624842-Sabatassos-Pizza-tag \ Related. I was hooked! No instructions for conventional bake and cooked in the microwave they are just awful. Generic. CHRISTINA S. Seattle, WA. It's really best when cooked in oven, but for just myself, I don't mind the microwave when I'm rused. Preheat conventional oven to 425F. Personalized health review for Sabatasso's Gluten Free Four Cheese Pizza: 330 calories, nutrition grade (C), problematic ingredients, and more. Sign In For Price $199.99 De’Longhi Livenza 0.8 cu ft. Instead, when I opened the package there was half the thickness and a smaller diameter pizza starring at me. Smaller items but the same PRICE , THAT IS THE ONLY THING THAT DOES NOT CHANGE. Everyone loves a good pizza night. 0. I microwaved a pepperoni pizza in the microwave for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Useful. Share review. Due to oven variances, cooking times may require adjustment. The deep dish do not fit our needs at all. And one of the best almond butter options out there, according to Consumer Reports, is Costco's very own. I liked it a little bit better than him though. Your pizza is no longer for us. We LOVE the G/F thin and crispy but have a problem with them falling through the rack of our oven. We've been buying these Sabatosso's Singles for years at Costco. I would rather eat the box and throw the pizzas away. We agree and do not like the deep dish. slices.Flavorless? It happens all to often with other things as well, always seems to be the popular ones. Sodium 1,700g. Never tried regular gluten Sabatasso's. Doubtful. I will say that there definitely wasn’t any shortage of meat on the pizza. Fat 52g. There have been many times where I’ve wandered around the store trying free samples while I shop because I’m hungry. So typical of the new CEO. Last purchase convinced me to never buy again. do you know where you can still buy these? It definitely needs more cheese if you’re going to eat it just as it comes. Right size and Gluten Free!! Finally figured out how to bake these, oven at 400 oF place on parchment paper, after 5 minutes turn the parchment 180 deg and bake another 5 minutes. My son and friend's always want one when visiting. 1. Same price, half everything else...seriously. I used to buy a box a week, because my children's school have microwave ovens, so my kids took it for lunch quite often. The box with 6 cheese and 6 pepperoni were our go to pizza, since I am vegetarian and my boyfriend is a carnivore. The Sabatasso’s Pizza Singles pack could be a great option for those in a smaller one or two-person households. thank you---the thin crust pizza is the best pizza that I have tasted. Why? please bring back four cheese deep dish, no one in my family eats pepperoni why cant i buy just cheese like i used to id buy a box a week if you did, I bought the 12 pack of ppizza's that clearly appeared to be deep dish pizzas but inside are small cardboard crust pizzas. If you noticed they have taken many items out of stores.They use to carry large boxes of Minute but have not carried that in 2years or some of the canned veggies that we would buy. 3. Even the silver heating plate no longer is a standing plate, but is now a very thin sheet which leaves the pizza soggy on bottom. I microwaved a pepperoni pizza in the microwave for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Please Please bring the Sabatasso thin crust three cheese pizza back it is the best. The pie is … Put on an aluminum hat (foil crimped on sides) this keeps the top from over browning. 15 / 67g left. Personalized health review for Sabatasso's Pizza Singles, Variety Pack: 320 calories, nutrition grade (D plus), problematic ingredients, and more. These are literally the only frozen pizza I will eat. The skinny 6 cheese/6 pep that has replaced them are awful. We bought a box a week too and now have a full box of the deep dish in our freezer that most likely won't ge eaten. The pepperoni also seemed to have a smoky kind of flavor. Way too much bread and calories. Sunday, 06 December 2020 / Published in Uncategorized. Overall this is a pretty tasty pizza. I inquired and was told they have dis-continued them. my hubby and I love them, we just had 2 each for dinner...they added cheese (it's a 6 cheese pizza now), and looks like they put more cheese on the pepperoni. Mango Chutney, Prosciutto and Naan Bread "Pizza"-F... Save 38,750 Calories And $135 A Year On Your Work ... Chocolate Cheesecake With Nutella Mocha Affogato R... Costco Pumpkin Pie Review-On Sale With Coupon and ... A Mini Review Of The Sabatasso's Pizza Variety Pac... Quick Idea For The Pasta Prima Ravioli On Sale At ... Bacon Wrapped Sirloin Paired With Kirkland Signatu... Nutella-Ricotta Ravioli With Raspberries-Recipe He... Ravioli With Chicken Sausage-Recipe and Review. We'd even go as far as to say it's the very best place to discover fun, new-to-shelves products at Costco (especially because Sample Stations are no more! See more reviews for Costco (Clifton, NJ)Subscribe to the new One Bite YouTube Channel HERE. Having said that it is no longer available at my Costco. 290 / 2,000 cal left. The sauce is a typical tomato sauce with a hint of garlic. Is that right ? Yes I brought a box at Costco Moncton New Brunswick.I will never buy them again ,the deep dish was much better. 16 photos. Review: Sabatasso's Pizzeria Gluten-Free Pizza Written by Kyle Eslick / Published in Celiac Disease, Gluten Free Diet, Groceries, Ingredients, Labeling I shop at Costco for some of our staples and love when I find new gluten-free items on the shelves. I too do not like the new pizza. I usually have to cook two pizza since everyone wants seconds (or thirds). I too do not care for the thinner ones. They contain l cysteine which is comprised of either human hair or goose feathers. My almost 3 year old loves the thin ones.... Costco in Eugene had them a couple of weeks ago.. Does anyone the diameter of these pizzas? I bought 4 to 6 boxes a month of the mini pizza's, but the deep dish ones are awful.......too much bread and not enough of anything else. Thanks ALOT!I've seen an abundance of this same practice across the board in every store I go to. REVIEW – Pierre Signatures Angus Cheeseburger from Costco, REVIEW – Kirkland Signature: Chilean Sea Bass from Costco (Frozen), REVIEW – Kirkland Signature: Italian Sausage & Beef Lasagna from Costco (Frozen), REVIEW – Reser’s Main St. Today, however, I took a pizza out of the box we bought from Costco last week and they tray has been scaled back. 4 ct. Overwrapped Pizza Cheese. Bring back the deep dish. Bought the thin crust and followed cooking instructions for both microwave and conventional oven. Please bring back the Deep Dish pizzas. Typical of a frozen pizza, the dough was soggy and the cheese made a mess on the plate, but the sauce was … Best results when one pizza is baked at a time. So disappointing when this used to be our go to pizza when we wanted a treat. Searching for Sabatasso Pizza Cooking Instructions information? Went back a couple of weeks later to Costco to buy a bunch of them.....and they are all gone. Costco should stop selling this product now!!!!! They don't bake as nicely as the thinner crust pizza and we too will no longer buy this brand unless they bring back the thinner crust. Last week we bought some and they are now half the thickness, half the cheese, half the pepperoni. Went back recently to get it and Costco has stopped buying it!! We like shopping Costco but it becoming a hassle to get the items you like. Official website for Costsco Wholesale. When shopping for frozen pizza, price and quality can be dealbreakers. So how can gluten-free pizza lovers find a happy medium? Thanks!! So sad when companies let quality slide like this. Costco While peanut butter may seemingly be on its way out, almond and other alternative nut butter have stepped into the limelight in the last couple years.

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