SSJG Goku 11. FT arc vegito is around as strong as FPSSJ Broly, since they both have the same hype about probably being stronger than beerus. Seriously, Whis is supposed to be stronger than beerus in order to keep him In line. I rate Jiren above SSJB Vegito, so perhaps Goku. Vegetto would be simply ridiculous, especially since he was stronger than Beerus as SSJB. Grand Priest is humbled by the request and agrees to fight. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. The broly movie confirms that Gogeta/Vegito is above beerus. SSJG Vegeto 6. UI Beerus might very well still be above MUI Goku. I can't believe what the Omni-King just did to Beerus!!! We’ll assume manga SSB Vegito is = to Beerus, in raw power at least, since that’s what the manga hinted. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Well, Beerus was not afraid, instead he was simply surprised how the mortal bodies of Goku and Jiren were able to bear such a divine form. Beerus is one of the TOP gods of destruction with Belmod seemingly being weaker than him. By statements it was stated by the developers if beerus were to be involved he would basically overpower its enemies ... he interrupts Fu's battle with Vegito. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Gogeta Blue >> LB Jiren > FPSS Broly = MUI Goku. Spoilers! Vegito Blue in the Black arc had power around Beerus's level. Even if MUI is above UI goku, gogeta blue is pretty terrifying. Now another set of people also claim that Beerus was afraid of Goku’s MUI and Jiren’s Limit Broken form. MUI beat jiren like a bitch who then went shirtless. Surely not together. Whis has made plenty remarks that Goku and Vegeta are getting close and Beerus needs to watch himself if he wants to be the top guy of U7. LB Jiren, while arguably stronger than MUI Goku, lost to MUI Goku due to Goku's skill in UI. So, MUI Beerus > MUI Goku who beated Limit Broken Jiren. Just like you said, despite Beerus being stronger than the rest of the antagonists after, they did use a greater amount of power against Goku and co. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. DBM Vegito is faaaar weaker than Super Saiyan Blue Vegito and Beerus (heck, maybe even Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta). Mastered UI would be expected to be on the level of full power Jiren. SSJB Goku/Base Vegeto 10. Goku compared Broly to 'possibly' being stronger than Beerus. Wow! This is a hard stomp. I believe that Vegetto could defeat Beerus, but would require him going SSJ2 The fact that Beerus recognized MUI Goku to be ~possibly~ stronger than him(and we all know what Goku did to Jiren in this form) shows that their more than likely not as strong as Beerus ~just yet~ (edited by Chrome0X) If Vegito can maintain MUI longer than Whis can... sure, he can defeat Whis. Fusion Zamasu was able to get at least some shots in on SSB Vegito. Spoilers! Rank the most powerful character in dragon ball. (Lets think abour Vegito vs Beerus) Or may be have a kioken x 10 over the fusion god form? Current SSB Vegetto >> Current SSB Gogeta >> MUI Goku > limit breaking Jiren > Jiren > SSB Vegetto > Broly ~ Beerus ~ Belmod. There is no MUI Vegito and Vegito isnt stronger than Beerus. SSJ2 Goku 13. Mui Goku, ssjbe vegeta, fp beerus, gogeta blue, gt gogeta, xeno vegito, vegito blue, lssj … SSJB Kaioken Goku/SSJ Vegeto 9. MUI Vegito, you guys can decide how strong he is but I’ll assume he’s 100x stronger than SSB. However, if the difference between Whis and Beerus is the same, then Vegito Mui destroys Whis. Beerus would get his ass handed to him by MUI Goku as Goku did what beerus was never able to do , Jiren fought on equal with Goku , Jiren is the mortal stronger then beerus … Wow! Whis also says this to Vegeta when he fights Beerus in the manga and loses the fight. Red-Jirachi-2. Dec 19, 2016. This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. UI goku should be a little above gogeta but below blue gogeta. Vegetto vs. Super Fu" (時ときの狭はざ間まの激げき闘とう!ベジットVS超スーパーフュー, Toki no hazama no gekitō! There is no MUI Vegito and Vegito isnt stronger than Beerus. This more or less establishes the fact that MUI Goku would be stronger than Beerus. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 0. UI Omen Goku/SSJ2 Vegeto 8. I can't believe what the Omni-King just did to Beerus!!! So how does Whis teach Goku and Vegeta now? Will the mortal God of Destruction stand a chance? SSJB Kaioken Vegeto 3. Reply. When the people of a society agree that sacrificing a child is acceptable collateral damage then IMO it has, Trying to claim that Jiren > Beerus is the new SSBK Goku > Beerus. If SSB Vegito > Beerus then MUI Vegito > Whis. SSJ Goku Current SSJG Vegeto wins mid-diff. i have FPSSJ Broly not quite on LB Jirens Level, thus i have MUI Goku superior to SSB Vegito from that arc. UI Omen Vegeto 2. and MUI Gogeta > Whis people shouldn’t cry that MUI Gogeta is weaker than Whis. After fighting and defeating Whis he seeks the ultimate challenge and has Shin transport him to the Omni-King's palace where he challenges his bodyguard - Grand Priest. Possibly low-diff. Mastered Ultra Instinct SSJ4 Goku VS Mastered Ultra Instinct Beerus! Hakai, final flash, gamma burst flash and Kamehama are all in Vegito’s arsenal. Said in both the movie and Super. SSJB Vegeto 5. current vegito rapes MUI Goku U literally cannot claim Fuu> Beerus in the heroes without legitamate scaling and feats when beerus cannot be scaled to anything or feats wise as well. I have to believe that if Vegito Mui were to fight Whis, he would have to win in my eyes. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. SSJ3 Vegito vs Beerus - Nov 19, 15 Full Power Base Vegito vs Gotenks SSJ3 and Ultimate Gohan - Jul 12, 15 Neoseeker Forums » Special Interest » Dragonball » SSJ3 Vegito v Beerus MUI Vegeto 1. If SSB Vegito > Beerus then MUI Vegito > Whis. Just Jiren more-so SSJB Vegito is definitely stronger than UI Goku. Vegito has obtained the form of Migatte No Gokuii and horrifies both Beerus and Whis with his newfound power. Apparently even when fusing, according to Goku, its not enough. MUI Goku/Jiren/SSJ3 Vegeto/Beerus 7. It’s a joke to even compare the two. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. MUI is several tiers above SSB. SSJ3 Goku 12. Whis and Vados can use their staff. Thus Vegito Blue (TOP version) would definitely be stronger than Beerus and in turn stronger than MUI Goku or Jiren. Now with regard to statements made by a few other characters, During the battle with Zamasu, it wasn't Whis but Shin who says that Vegito might be stronger than Beerus. SO Mui goku will win. The only scaling for Beerus and Jiren is a magazine scan that claims MUI Goku is 'possibly' stronger than Beerus. This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. Since Ultimate Gohan is stronger than Super Saiyan 3 Goku, they had him fight Super Buu. Same goes for Vegito, who fought the strongest iteration of Buu. I was talking about regular Beerus. I know the power difference between Goku and Beerus in BoG was retconned. Manga Black Arc Vegito is comparable to Beerus (Vegito fodderizes Zamasu, Beerus one shots MSSB Vegeta), so he should be quite a bit stronger than Beerus hypothetically during DBS Broly, therefore Gogeta should be quite a bit above Beerus.

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