The genus Haworthia refers to a group of about 150 different small succulent plants.It’s named after a British botanist, Adrian Hardy Haworth. For any access to the light, this plant has an excellent, gritty crystal look. Haworthia cooperi is a small and slow growing species originally native to South Africa. What Is Haworthia Cooperi? Haworthia cooperi is a diverse and varied species of the genus Haworthia in the family Asphodelaceae, endemic to the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa. The genus name Haworthia commemorates Adrian Hardy Haworth, an accomplished British botanist and entomologist, who was born in 1768 and died in the London cholera epidemic of 1833. Description. Haworthia cooperi description and care. The Haworthias cooperi, are a very diverse group of leafy succulents that form rosettes. in Cactus, Haworthias. Oftentimes, they can even look like other haworthias. Haworthia fasciata, or Zebra Aloe, has a similar appearance, with pearly warts and thick leaves, but the leaves have a slight curl inward. This is a great indoor grower and good plant for succulents novices. Plants grow in clumps of small rosettes of tiny, fleshy, light green leaves. Haworthia Cooperi is a slowly growing, low succulent plant. What’s in a name – Haworthia Many genera and species of plants are named after people; succulent plants are no exception. Mulch potted haworthia only for design purposes, using small polished stones or moss. Haworthia cooperi var. Haworthia Cooperi Care Tips Light & Temperature. This is the type variety produces rosettes of fleshy, swollen, lance-shaped leaves that are bluish green and slightly translucent at the tips. These small, low growing plants form rosettes of fleshy green leaves that are generously covered with white, pearly warts or bands, giving them a distinctive appearance. Obtusa. Haworthia cooperi is a very variable species with many types. Haworthia cooperi var. This would allow it to get at least 4 hours of bright light every day, especially during summer and spring. Haworthia cooperi is a species of succulent in the family Asphodelaceae.This type of Haworthia is identified by its tiny, fleshy soft green leaves.You’ll also notice that the leaves have bristly margins and transparent tips. May 9, 2019, 2:18 pm. You, therefore want to filter the UV rays, by placing the growing medium on a windowsill that’s facing east or west. leightonii will turn red in the sun. Haworthia attenuata is the classic haworthia you’re probably used to seeing. It has thick, tapered green leaves in a rosette form. It grow in clumps of small rosettes of tiny, fleshy, light green leaves, up to 2 inches (5 cm) long. It’s commonly called the “ice lantern.” Haworthia cooperi description and care. Haworthia Cooperi. Haworthia Cymbiformis Var. Haworthia cooperi var. obtusa: Another name for the Haworthia cooperi var. It has light green striping and translucent "leaf windows" that help the plant tolerate low light conditions. Because haworthia is a drought tolerate plant, mulching to help the … The Best Varieties of Haworthia Cooperi You Can Grow. Haworthia cooperi var. Haworthia are able to tolerate low, indoor light, making them excellent houseplants, even for beginners. Haworthia obtusa crystal or haworthia pygmaea is one of the most beautiful plants in the pygmaea community. truncata, which is the accepted scientific name. picturata: This variety spreads quickly. The Haworthia cooperi is a crasa or succulent plant not cactaceous perennifolia native to South Africa. As an entomologist, Haworth is best known for his work on Lepidoptera (butterflies … Haworthia obtusa hybrid: Dense green rosette of thick, juicy leaves. Too much direct light will definitely hurt your Cushion Aloe. ; Haworthia cooperi also comes in rosette form, but its leaves are bubble-like. It is a slow-growing process in which the leaves are strongly papillary-shaped. ... Haworthia Cymbiformis Var. Here are some of the best H. cooperi varieties (5,6).. H. cooperi var cooperi. Haworthia is a delightful little succulent that makes a very attractive small houseplant.

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