Less than $100 (6) $100-$250 (63) More than $250 (134) Confederate (3) By Category. 1853 Civil War Socket Bayonet #600236. Brown Bess Socket Bayonet made by John Gill. The 2.625 in. The plug bayonet was succeeded by the socket bayonet, which fit over the muzzle of the barrel. Small Arms & Edged Weapons: 10: Mar 31, 2019: A: Socket Bayonets--Civil War? The scabbard is made from steel and is triangular to accommodate the blade shape. $390.00 + shipping REAL Civil War Confederate Knife Bowie . All patterns of this bayonet will fit all patterns of the M1835-40 and M1842 muskets. A Socket Bayonet on my 1842 Musket - Bit O'Mystery to me. I X L, SHEFFIELD W.WORKS With /BLOOD S. $699.00. US MODEL 1812 .69 CALIBER SOCKET BAYONET. MFG.CO. Socket bayonet measures 20” overall, blade length 16.50”. Stamped “US” on the flat of blade. If you have a Civil War relic or a collection of Civil War relics that you would like to sell, then please contact me; I am always interested in buying new items. Civil War : P1842 British socket bayonet marked HADLEY CHAPMAN: Good: $185.00: M1842 US socket bayonet: Very Good: $250.00: M1841 Mississippi NH alteration sabre bayonet: Very Good: $350.00: M1841 Mississippi NH alteration sabre bayonet: Good: $275.00: M1841 Drake alteration Mississippi rifle socket bayonet: Good: $450.00: Made by Windlass Steelcrafts. Designed for 1853 three band Enfield long rifle, it includes a brass mounted leather scabbard. Secured to a lug/sight atop the muzzle by a zigzag slot, a butterfly screw or a spring-loaded catch, socket bayonets predominated on battlefields through the 1840s. Designed for the Springfield .58 caliber rifle, this bayonet by Windlass Steelcrafts comes with an integral frog and a brass-mounted leather scabbard. JUSTICE . Learn More » American Civil War bayonets are a point of fascination for Civil War enthusiasts, as well as for historians and collectors. Table of Contents. These .69 caliber M42 US socket bayonets with rounded shoulders were produced during the Civil War. The Civil War Bayonet was a sharpened piece of steel with a ring on the end that slid over the barrel of a rifle, it was then turned and locked into place. According to British socket bayonet authority Graham Priest, the “J•R” marking indicates that the bayonet was likely made in Liege, Belgium. The scabbard … The blade length is 17". Developed during the Civil War the Peabody rifle performed well in Springfield Armory trials but the end of the Civil War terminated U.S. Army interest in the rifle. Gettysburg Bayonet / On-hold. long socket is cut for a bottom stud. $300 or less (5) $300-$2000 (13) More than $2000 (7) Tools, Tompions, Cap Tins, Accesories (94) ... Rare Original Socket Bayonet with Screw Hole in Socket' Made: Rev War / Austria Maker: Model: Condition: Fine The M1847 was a refinement of the M1822 bayonet. Excellent Condition Civil War Socket Bayonet' Made: Civil War / US Maker: Model: Condition: Excellent Qty: Price: $250 USD Hall Rifle Socket Bayonet . Socket bayonet for a .69 caliber smoothbore musket. In 1703 the French army chose the socket bayonet for its infantry. Swords US Civil War (11) Swords US - Post Civil War (9) By Price. Here is a Nice Non-dug Enfield Pattern Socket Bayonet ! Bayonet manufactured for the US model 1812 Springfield Flintlock Musket. It has an external hook for a belt. C $197.05. $425.00. Pre-Owned. These Civil War production examples are by far the rarest pattern. Attached to the rifle the bayonet gave close quarters weapons an extra long reach. American Socket Bayonets and Scabbards. The standard socket bayonet used by union forces during the U.S. Civil War, 1.5 million were produced by Springfield Armory and private contractors 1857–1865. (67 mm.) $250.00. Our 1853 Socket Bayonet is to be attached to a rifle. Description: A triangular bladed socket bayonet, 1861-1865. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. (76 mm. View More. RARE U.S.CIVIL WAR ERA Antique 1855 SOCKET BAYONET & US Marked SCABBARD NICE! A Model 1855 Civil War Bayonet January 2009 By Gareth McNair-Lewis, MAC Lab Conservation Technician According to a newspaper account, this Civil War bayonet was found by construction workers digging between W. Patrick Street and Court Street in the … On the top flat of the blade near the socket it is marked, “T.M”. Bayonets (203) By Category. Socket bayonet for use with the Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle-Musket. British Volunteer Bayonet. $225.00. shipping: + $15.00 shipping . The bayonet is designed for the Springfield .58 caliber musket. From United States +C $74.88 shipping. or Best Offer. Bayonets & Scabbards | Civil War Artifacts - For Sale in Gettysburg. This is called a ring bayonet, bayonets today are essentially the same as they were during the Civil War, just with different blade designs. Those we see with squared shoulders are the ones made during the 1840s and 1850s. The socket length is 3.00 in. Brass mounted leather scabbard, with integrated frog, included. This bayonet gave close quarters weapons an extra long reach. They are totally interchangeable. During the course of the American Civil War, the Confederacy imported hundreds of thousands of British Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle Muskets, with some estimates placing the total Confederate purchases between 300,000 and 400,000 guns.Each of these rifle muskets was ordered as a “stand of arms” and as such a socket bayonet was included with each musket. U.S. Civil War Era socket bayonet Hebron Historical Ct. $164.95 + shipping . It is 21 inches in overall length, with a socket 2 & 15/16ths long, and blade length of about 17.5 inches. The major advantage to the socket bayonet was that the musket could still be fired while the bayonet was attached. .58 Caliber US Model 1855 Socket Bayonet - Marked "US" Product Code: PC7549 SOLD. It is missing the lock ring, but otherwise in very good condition. Peabody rifle manufactured by the Providence Tool Co., of Providence, Rhode Island, c. 1866-1871. This entry was posted in Antique Guns, Civil War Guns, Civil War Long Rifles, Union Weapons and tagged 1862 Colt Musket, 1863 Colt Rifle Musket, civil war guns, Civil War Weapons, Collins Socket Bayonet, Colt Model 1861 Special Rifle Musket, Colt Musket, Colt Rifle Musket, COLT'S PT.F.A. Springfield Civil War Socket Bayonet #600188. Country Pages —start here if you think you know the country of origin. The fuller is shallow, as wide as the blade, and squared off where it terminates at the ricasso. Civil War: Socket bayonet, 1861-1865 Socket bayonet, 1861-1865. - Japanese (11) Bayonets US - WW 1 to Present (8) Bayonets Saber & Knife US (31) Bayonets US Socket (44) By Price. Product Code: PC7954 SOLD. Confederate Bayonet Adapter. 1861 Dated Civil War .58 Colt Rifle Socket Bayonet With Scabbard Click image to view item details. $49.95. … Confederate Weapons (3) By Price. US Civil War Model 1860 Hartley & Graham Staff & Field Sword w/Scabbard. Socket bayonet used with the .58 caliber M1855, M1861, and M1863 rifle-muskets. Price: $199.00 Nice And Complete Wilkinson Made .58 Springfield Rifle Bayonet & Scabbard Click image to view item details. US CIVIL WAR ENLISTED CAVALRY SWORD SABRE M 1840 P.S. Inspector letters “JA”… (1037-468). ). A zig-zag motion around the bayonet lug allowed the musketeer to easily affix or remove the bayonet while still securing it in place. Item #: A4921. $285.00. Excellent replica of the originals with great attention to details. Bayonets from the Civil War, which soldiers used as cooking utensils as well as weapons, can be traced and identified by engraved number markings. Bayonet History Timeline —read about key milestones in the bayonet's history, from the 1500s to the present day.. Bayonet Terminology —diagrams showing the basic terminology used to describe bayonets, scabbards, and frogs.. Glossary of Bayonet Terms— definitions of common bayonet terms. Item #: A5321. This example has no British government markings, indicating that it was likely imported to the USA during the American Civil War. However large numbers of Peabody rifles were sold to France, Spain, Mexico and Canada. The … Bayonets European all styles (129) Bayonets - German (24) Bayonets, etc. 1853 Socket Bayonet Civil War Era. U.S. Military Flintlock Muskets and Their Bayonets; The Later Years, 1816 through the Civil War Socket Bayonets of the Great Powers The Socket Bayonet in the British Army 1687-1783 THE MILITARY KNIFE & BAYONET

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