How to use Ascribe in a sentence as a verb You have to take into consideration many factors and you can't just automatically ascribe declining or increasing revenues to one fact, even if it seems plausible. Noteworthy among the buildings within the ancient citadel is a small tetrastyle temple, variously ascribed to Jupiter and Minerva, the portico supported by six monolithic columns of cippolino, four being in front. Better attested, because found in the LXX. Several inscriptions ascribe both these treatises to Boetius. 35. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Bates offered no satisfactory explanation of the resemblance between these two genera and others of the same protected sub-families; but he did not hesitate to ascribe the resemblance to them presented by the Pierine, Dismorphia (Leptalis) orise, to mimicry, believing Dismorphia to be unprotected and noting that it departed widely in the matter of coloration from typical members of the sub-family to which it belongs. But look, I am not here to defend shorts or ascribe blame for the 2008 collapse of the financials. Many people ascribe elements to the principle that introducing a color into a room will in fact activate an element. Dr Vigfusson would ascribe its editing and completion to Sturla the Lawman, c. 1250. 1. verb. How and When to Use Prescribe in Sentence “Prescribe” means to give direction or guideline about something. When we do not at all understand the cause of an action, whether a crime, a good action, or even one that is simply nonmoral, we ascribe a greater amount of freedom to it. The doctors tried to ascribe the baby’s condition to parental negligence, but tests showed that he had a rare virus. Ascribe means to designate something as having caused something else.Ascribe may also be used to mean to categorize something as belonging to a certain origin.Ascribe also means to consider as a quality that belongs to a certain thing or idea. To ascribe is to give credit for something to a specific cause or person. 1. transitive verb. Examples of 'ascribe' in a sentence ascribe. ascribed their stunning military victory to good intelligence beforehand. 13. Sentences Containing 'ascribe' The superiority of character in the Romans over that of the Greeks, so much remarked by Polybius and Dionysius of Halicarnassus, was probably more owing to the better constitution of their courts of justice, than to any of the circumstances to which those authors ascribe it. Ferment in a sentence. When my parents discover my boyfriend has an arrest record, they are going to proscribe me from seeing him. : Many of these pseudepigrapha are not merely falsely ascribed, but the result of deliberate deception. (6) You can't ascribe the same meaning to both words. Sentences Containing 'ascribe' The superiority of character in the Romans over that of the Greeks, so much remarked by Polybius and Dionysius of Halicarnassus, was probably more owing to the better constitution of their courts of justice, than to any of the circumstances to which those authors ascribe it. Strutt ascribes the manuscript to the tenth century. To ascribe such powers to them exclusively is, however, not justifiable. shout louder about what party line we ascribe to. Most states have laws that proscribe texting while driving. use "ascribe" in a sentence Of course, many observers will ascribe political motives to this decision of the Nobel Committee. These versions of the pseudo-chronicles practically ascribe the foundation to Arthur; the romances, however, differ. Ascribe in a sentence. Similar words: transcribe, scribe, ascribe, describe, subscribe, subscriber, prescribe, proscribe. This is the account of Darius, which certainly must be preferred to the traditions of Herodotus and Ctesias, which ascribe his death to an accident. ascribe in a sentence - Use "ascribe" in a sentence 1. Maurice, the only historian of note who declines to ascribe a rationalizing tendency to Erigena, obscures the question by the manner in which he states it. 0. If you are not sure about whether to use "ascribe" or "subscribe" in a given sentence, try substituting the word "credit" or "attribute" for "ascribe." You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Ascribed sentence examples. Examples of Scribe in a sentence In the old days, uneducated people would often hire a scribe to write down their family histories. Your interpersonal relationships will vary greatly depending on your sign, each relationship you have and the qualities you bring or ascribe to. Hosea) takes another form when an inserted prophecy revokes the privileges of the ancient and honourable family, foretells its overthrow, and announces the rise of a new faithful and everlasting priesthood, at whose hands the dispossessed survivors, reduced to poverty, would beg some priestly office to secure a livelihood (i Sam. Ascribe definition, to credit or assign, as to a cause or source; attribute; impute: The alphabet is usually ascribed to the Phoenicians. If wine is allowed to ferment: turns into vinegar. I (of X) Various. It would consequently be unsafe to ascribe positively all that appears in this volume to the result of Nitzsch's mature consideration. Yeltsin also ascribed the unusually negative Russian news coverage to corruption. use "ascribe" in a sentence Of course, many observers will ascribe political motives to this decision of the Nobel Committee. We'll set things in a ferment. I ascribe this to Gods blessing, through the instrumentality of early rising, and plunging my head into cold water when I rise. 1 : to direct or impose by authoritative order or with urgent admonition enjoined us to be careful. An example of the word ascribe could be when a scientist is noted for a discovery or invention. Division of the Land.-The result of the events narrated in the first part of the book is to ascribe the entire subjugation of Canaan to Joshua, whose centre was at Gilgal (x. Some Jewish commentators ascribe symbolic significance to the markings on the dreidel. Some examples of sentences using “ascribe” and … ,Most 01 them go back to the 5th Christian century and ascribe to onc of the Sassanian kings, BahrSm V. The king's own legitimate brother Edwin made no attempt on the throne, but in 933 he was drowned at sea under somewhat mysterious circumstances; the later chroniclers ascribe his death to foul play on the part of the king, but this seems more than doubtful. Interestingly, the Greek / Roman mythological accounts often ascribe human / mortal offspring to the mythical gods. and probably even considerably later), while the North Cappadocian monuments (as Sayce, Ramsay, Perrot and others saw long ago) are the earlier in style, we are bound to ascribe the origin of the civilization which they represent to the Cappadocian Hatti. Regard a text, quotation, or work of art as being produced by or belonging to (a particular person or period) It was to this superiority of view, and not merely to the satire on the administration of Henry VII., that we must ascribe the popularity of the work in the 16th century. 3. 3. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Others he treated very superficially, and in none of his experiments apparently did he attend to the diminution of efflux arising from the contraction of the liquid vein, when the orifice is merely a perforation in a thin plate; but he appears to have been the first who attempted to ascribe the discrepancy between theory and experiment to the retardation of the water's velocity through friction. He was accustomed in after life to ascribe most of his progress to the teaching of two amongst them, Zenobio de' Medici and Servanzio Mini. In this sense, they too hastily ascribe a purely economic motive to the present cultural studies ' boom ' . Finally, the great difficulty of the logic of judgment is to find the mental act behind the linguistic expression, to ascribe to it exactly what is thought, neither more nor less, and to apply the judgment thought to the logical proposition, without expecting to find it in ordinary propositions. Examples of Scribe in a sentence. Examples of ascribe in a sentence. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Ascribes in a sentence Definition of Ascribes . Since all the Syrian monuments of the Hittite class, so far known, seem comparatively late (most show such strong Assyrian influence that they must fall after 110o B.C. It is largely to this that we must ascribe the national conservatism and contempt for foreigners. That is the meaning of prescribe. 1 Bartsch and others ascribe its authorship, with much plausibility, to an Austrian knight of the race of Kiirenberg, the earliest of the courtly lyric poets, whose lyrics are written in the Nibelung strophe. It is customary to ascribe to Offa a policy of limited scope, namely the establishment of Mercia in a position equal to that of Wessex and of Northumbria. Yeltsin also ascribed the unusually negative Russian news coverage to corruption. (3) Local people ascribe healing properties to this fruit. Further, the subsequent foals afforded no evidence of infection, either in the mane, tail, hoofs or disposition. 2. 20 sample sentences for ASCRIBE. Recent Examples on the Web Critics might ascribe one season’s success to serendipity and the only way to forge a winning reputation is to keep winning. To ascribe something is to credit it to a specific origin. Some part of this injustice we must probably be content to ascribe to the fatality to which we have already made (əskraɪb ) Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense ascribes , present participle ascribing , past tense, past participle ascribed. Not to just shout louder about what party line we ascribe to. ascribe significance to fundamental forms. Ascribe is a verb, derived from the Old French word ascrivre which means to attribute. Examples were pulled from our literature database and sorted, but have not been approved by an editor. To many persons it will appear paradoxical to ascribe the endowment of a soul to the inferior tribes in the creation, yet it is difficult to discover a valid argument that limits the possession of an immaterial principle to man. ascribe sth to sb meaning: 1. to believe or claim that something was said, written, or created by a particular person: 2. to…. 5. b : to prohibit by a judicial order : put an injunction on a book had been enjoined prior to publication — David Margolick. assign This, however, is not the character to which we now ascribe the chief weight as evidence of the genetic affinity and monophyletic (uni-ancestral) origin of the Chaetopods, Rotifers and Arthropods. Ascribe: The act of adding words by writing, your own thoughts or something that is heard or seen. The evidence now available, however, confirms those who ascribe an earlier date to the forgery and place it at Rome. 2. Some researchers ascribe this response to the release of certain chemicals in the body in response to pain. To ascribe is to believe that something is done by a certain something or someone. “Ascribe” means giving credit, assigning, attributing, imputing something to a specific cause or person, and “describing” means giving details of something. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Find words for ascribe in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. 0. I (of X) Various I ascribe this to Gods blessing, through the instrumentality of early rising, and plunging my head into cold water when I rise. (5) You can't ascribe the same meaning to both words. It is to be observed that, while these early speculators ascribe the phenomena to attraction, they do not distinctly assert that this attraction is sensible only at insensible distances, and that for all distances which we can directly measure the force is altogether insensible. Translate ascribe into Spanish. Thus there is great ferment happening here. 26. While you can sometimes ascribe these symptoms to allergies, I’m pretty sure you have a full-fledged cold. An example sentence is: She didn't know whether to ascribe that he wrote that book. His countrymen justly ascribe to him the fame of having been the first to organize and lead a political party in Japan. | (nonstandard, with to) To believe in or agree with; subscribe. b and d are explained in accordance with the aim of the book to ascribe to the initiation or the achievements of one man the conquest of the whole of Canaan (see JOSHUA). . The Arab geographers also had a tradition of an early Greek settlement (which they ascribe to Alexander), but also of later Persian influence, followed by a settlement of Mahra tribes, who partly adopted Christianity. , Just because the coach was recorded saying those things about the members of the opposing team, we can’t ascribe that attitude to the entire team. I would not ascribe vice to him. These cookies do not store any personal information. Some people believe that two males will get along easier than two females, but I personally don't ascribe to this opinion. (32) I will fetch my knowledge from afar, And I will ascribe righteousness to my Maker. I am not a Godaddy fan by any means, but I'm finding it difficult to ascribe blame to them for this incident. But it is not so fantastic to ascribe its birth to the personal hatred that existed between Richard of York and Edmund of Somerset, to the old family grudge (going back to 1405) between the Percies and the Nevilles, to the marriage alliance that bound the houses of York and Neville together, and to other less wellremembered quarrels or blood-ties among the lesser baronage.

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