Aviation ordnancemen are charged with counting, loading, and repairing that impressive arsenal, whether at a land-based airfield or aboard a mighty … Maintaining files, preparing naval messages, and submitting ammunition transactions, Preparing reports including ordnance deficiency reports, explosive mishap reports, quality reports, and missing and stolen ammunition reports. (3) Must be a minimum height of 64 inches and a maximum height of 75 inches. (2) Must be eligible for a secret security clearance. (10) Marines who handle explosives must meet the criteria to be qualified and certified as per MCO 8023.3. Aviation units within the Marine Corps are assigned to support the Marine Air-Ground Task Force, as the aviation combat element, by providing six functions: assault support, antiair warfare, offensive air support, electronic warfare, control of aircraft and missiles, and aerial reconnaissance. The national average salary for a Aviation Ordnance Technician is $36,193 in United States. (6) Must possess a valid state drivers license (Sgt to Pvt). (1) Must possess an EL score of 105 or higher, not waiverable. USMC . (a) Employs appropriate safety precautions, security procedures, and record-keeping techniques for ordnance. There are specific medical requirements for explosives handlers and explosives vehicle operators, and a training and licensing course. (h) Prepares Conventional Ordnance Deficiency Reports, Explosive Mishap Reports, Technical Publication Deficiency Reports, Missile Fire Reports, Product Quality Deficiency Reports, Missing Lost Stolen/Recovered Ammunition Reports, and Engineering Investigation Requests, when appropriate. Marine Corps Job: Aviation Ordnance Systems Technician AFSC 2A3X2 - F-16, F-117, RQ-1, and CV-22 Avionic Systems USMC MOS 7011 Expeditionary Airfield Systems Technician Ordnance specialists are responsible for the safety, security, and accountability of the Military’s weapons and ammunition. How to Become an Navy Aviation Ordnanceman, USMC Enlisted Job Descriptions—MOS 0689 Cyber Security Technician, Enjoy a Career as a Marine Tactical Air Defense Controller MOS 7236, Navy Enlisted Ratings in the Aviation Community. Aviation Ordnance Technician USMC (Former Employee) - Beaufort, SC - January 19, 2018 A typical day at work could go from easy and relaxed to very stressful depending on what occurs throughout. (c) Loads and unloads airborne weapons and stores aboard aircraft to include reconfiguration and functional testing of aircraft weapons release and control, missile, and guns systems. Requirements. Hits: 4090 MOS 5948, Aviation Radar Technician . Above information derived from MCBUL 1200, parts 2 and 3. (d) Prepares and submits unsatisfactory equipment reports as outlined in OPNAVINST 8000.16. Aviation Ordnance Technician USMC Yuma, Arizona Area 45 connections. Determining the serviceability of ammunition and performing ammunition sentencing functions. USMC MOS 7011 Expeditionary Airfield Systems Technician, Marine Corps Job Description for LAV Repairer/Technician, Marine Corps Job: Aviation Ordnance Systems Technician, Air Force Aircraft Armament System – AFSC-2W1X1, U.S. Marine Corps Job Field 65: Aviation Ordnance, United States Marine Corps Motor Transport (Motor T), What it Takes to Be a Low Altitude Air Defense Gunner (LAAD) MOS 7212, Navy Enlisted Ratings in the Aviation Community, Here Is a Career Profile of a Naval Aviation Ordnanceman, All About Marine Corps Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Specialists, MOS 7041: The Many Duties of an Aviation Operations Specialist, Marine Corps Job 6173: Helicopter Crew Chief, CH-53, Marine Corps Career Options in Field 21 - Ordnance, Get Marine Corps Field Artillery Job Description and Qualifications, Air Force Job (AFSC 2A3X3) Tactical Aircraft Maintenance, Enlisted Job Information About Navy Ratings. They repair, stow, test, maintain, assemble and transport airborne armament equipment. They work with air launched missiles and conventional munitions. Apply to Technician, Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Human Resources Specialist and more! United States Marine Corps. Dec 2016 – Present 3 years 9 months. Aviation ordnance Marines handle aviation ammunition issues from safety to procurement. The management/leadership was qualified and intense. (c) Maintains and installs aerial target towing equipment; maintains and operates associated support equipment. USMC . They also inspect, prepare, and dispose of weapons and ammunition. Aviation precision measurement equipment technicians test, maintain, repair, and calibrate aviation precision measurement and automatic test equipment. Aviation Ordnance SINCE 1926. Loading and downloading of missile, rockets, and all explosive and ordnance dealing with Helicopters in the Aviation field. (c) Performs quality control of work accomplished by the ordnance section on aircraft assigned. The hardest part of this job is the random travel and flexible work hours. Making ammunition issues, preparing invoices and custody records. This MOS encompasses duties incident to the inspection, maintenance, and repair of armament equipment and loading of aviation ordnance on Marine Corps aircraft. Rod Powers was the U.S. Military expert for The Balance Careers and was a retired Air Force First Sergeant with 22 years of active duty service. The responsibilities for this job vary depending on the Marine's rank. Report this profile; Experience. Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, Assemble and perform maintenance on air-launched missiles, and conventional munitions, as authorized, Identify munitions by type, nomenclature, and explosive hazard, and identify appropriate emergency response procedures, Transport explosives using appropriate safety procedures. See who you know in common; Get introduced; Contact Emilio directly; Join to view full profile Others named Emilio Gonzalez. (2) Must have normal color perception. This job is considered a primary military occupational specialty (PMOS) and is categorized as PMOS 6541. aviation ordnance technician United States Marine Corps. Inspecting the maintenance, storage, and shipment of explosives. Jul 2010 – Present 10 years 3 months. FIELD 59, ELECTRONICS MAINTENANCE. Preparing ammunition requisitions and takes requisition follow-up actions. (d) Removes, maintains, services, installs, and loads aircraft guns. Aviation communication systems technicians perform and supervise maintenance of radios and communications systems found within selected units of the Marine Air Control Group. After a great deal of discussion and with the well-being of our members and loved ones foremost in our thoughts, the … They also perform inspections, testing, adjustments and preventive maintenance on support equipment. (d) Conducts functional tests of aircraft armament electrical fusing, firing, and release circuits and maintains them in an operational status. This MOS encompasses duties incident to the inspection, maintenance and repair of armament equipment and loading of aviation ordnance on Marine Corps aircraft. (a) Applies bore sight procedures and techniques as applicable to aircraft sights and weapons systems. Filter by location to see Aviation Ordnance Technician salaries in your area. Aviation Ordnance Technician USMC. This includes such weapons as air … Repair and/fix All guns and gun systems on the aircraft. (1) Must possess an EL score of 105 or higher, not waiverable. American Military University. You'll take these courses at the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training (CNATT)  at the Marine Corps Air Station in Cherry Point, North Carolina. (9) Must obtain GSE licenses appropriate for the aircraft assigned. Conduct ammunition inventories and maintain stock records of lots/serial numbers. This pin is a prized piece for any collection.especially for the Veteran or Love One, who has served or is still serving with pride! United States Marine Corps Aviation Electronics Technicians earn $41,000 annually, or $20 per hour, which is equal to the national average for all Aviation Electronics Technicians at $41,000 annually and 47% lower than the national salary average for all working Americans. Hits: 4059 MOS 5939, Aviation Communication Systems Technician . In addition, you need a valid state drivers' license. (f) Applies administrative procedures necessary to establish and operate a squadron ordnance section. Prerequisites. REGULATION Aviation Ordnance Technician COLLECTOR BADGE/PIN ! This site will still provide National updates until the full transfer is complete . USMC Yuma, AZ 6531 Aviation Ordnance Technician This MOS encompasses duties incident: to the inspection, maintenance and repair of armament equipment and … (5) Must possess a GT score of 105 or higher. (a) Conducts functional tests of racks, launchers, adapters and electrical components, aircraft armament circuits and maintains them in an operational status by appropriate preventive maintenance. Aviation Ordnance Technician USMC. Hits: 2588 MOS 5942, Aviation Radar Repairer . The aircraft ordnance technician performs a variety of duties and tasks such as inspecting ammunition, testing aircraft systems, performing preventive maintenance and effecting repairs, loading and fuzing ammunition and arming/dearming aircraft. (e) Trains aircraft ordnance technicians in all phases of squadron level aviation ordnance. (2) Must be eligible for a secret security clearance. Responsibilities of the Aircraft Ordnance Technician encompasses duties incident. They perform a wide variety of duties including the safe receipt, storage, and transport of ordnance. FIELD 59, ELECTRONICS MAINTENANCE. Jul 2010 – Present 10 years 3 months. Webmaster note: This is a quick-n-dirty, just to get the info up here and available. 65 — Aviation Ordnance; 66 — Aviation Logistics; 68 — Meteorology and Oceanography ; 70 — Airfield Services; 72 — Air Control/Air Support/Anti-Air Warfare/Air Traffic Control; 73 — Navigation Officer/Enlisted Flight Crews; 80 — Miscellaneous Requirements MOSs; 01 — Personnel and Administration. The aircraft ordnance technician performs a variety of duties and tasks such as inspecting ammunition, testing aircraft systems, performing preventive maintenance and effecting repairs, loading and fusing ammunition and arming/de-arming aircraft. (3) Must possess an EL score of 110 or higher. Tasks include installation, operation, performance testing, alignment and troubleshooting of all … Join to Connect. What Does a Marine Corps Jobs: MOS 1302 Combat Engineer Officer Do? Aviation radar technicians site, install, inspect, test, maintain, and repair the TAOC radars, and associated IFF equipment.

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