Aimpoint® Product Selection Tools Aimpoint offers a full line of premium sighting solutions to complement nearly anything you carry into the field. 12224) No need to duplicate all the Aimpoint specs here. The fasteners that hold the Aimpoint to it's mount are REALLY small! About Cookies  |  Legal Notice   |  Privacy Policy  | Site Map | Employees, ©2020 Aimpoint, a company in the Sandberg Development Group, Log in / I like the Comp M4 or M4s. Aimpoint's website says a good indication is one without a serial number. Search for Midwest Industries Aimpoint Comp M4pro Quick Detach Mount Aimpoint Procomp M4 Qd Mount Midwest Industries Aimpoint Comp M4pro Quick Detach Mount Aimp . After several attempts, I found the cause, the reason is that the light does not work unless its battery lid is tightly closed. STI TROJAN 5.0 1911 9mm SA TRP 1911 w/Trijicon NS SA Trophy Match 1911 w/Dawson FO front sight/ VZ custom grips/ Tech magwell Daniel Defense M4 /Aimpoint M3,FDE Magpul Moe stock,FDE Magpul Moe pistol grip,FSC556,Geissele SSA,MS2 sling Aimpoint CompM4s with QRP2 Mount and Standard Spacer Mint condition. (10338#240944) Age old saying...."Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" in the case of the 1911. The most rugged of Aimpoint’s scopes is the Comp M-4. Introduced in 2007, this sight is a part of Aimpoint’s Micro series. The Aimpoint Micro T-1 is probably one of the greatest non-magnifying combat optics ever to hit the scene. The CompML2 is every bit as durable as the CompM2 and can withstand the roughest physical handling and … Original QRP mount, killflash, and a clear view flip open cover on the rear of the sight. If you're looking at this, you know what you're looking at! The case began when Spanish authorities raided the stores and confiscated the illegal sights. When I received the Amazon-bought optic in the mail, I called Thane and John at Aimpoint to verify the serial number and the characteristics I observed. Here are the model numbers from Aimpoint's website: 10336 CompM2 - M68/CCO Aimpoint said that if you call them with a serial number, they have a list of stolen aimpoints from the .gov. Although it could have been Acog serials I saw. Two years later … To obtain authentic Aimpoint products, buy only from or an authorized Aimpoint dealer. Aimpoint claims that the Comp M2 is “Absence of parallax – No centering required” (Aimpoint, 2017), however, the average deviation observed across all distances and tests was 6.289849283 MOA. This is a guide to recognize a genuine Aimpoint sight and thereby identify a counterfeit/copy. Have a Comp M2 for years now with no issues. If you have questions about service and/or warranty, please contact our Customer Support Department at our Contact page. Given your area, a Comp M2 that's too cheap to be true could very well have fallen off the back of a truck going in or out of a certain local base. I just picked up an Aimpoint PRO and have yet to install it on a rifle. if you encounter counterfeit Aimpoint product for sale. Also includes: 2 MOA dot size KillFlash Aimpoint Flip-up Front Cover (Item No. yet they didnt have it in their database to begin with. I bought a used aimpoint comp m4s. Hi, I am considering buying an AIMPoint Comp M4 or less in addition to an ACOG for one of my two AR-15s. Aimpoint Comp M4. A simple guide to help you check the serial number on your old Mongoose BMX and find out what year it was built and sold. The Aimpoint and Trijicon red dot sights typically cost in the $800 to $950 range and is out of the financial reach of many people participating in the shooting sports. 12-10-17, 15:05 #6 bad aim I can dial the dot intensity and size to my liking. I don't see the battery logo thing on mine either it might be there but not sure I will have to check. All Aimpoint sights are manufactured in Sweden so beware of sights and packages from China or Hong Kong. Aimpoint's website says a good indication is one without a serial number. Quality! If you have any doubt about the authenticity of an Aimpoint® product, please send a mail to: [email protected], Aimpoint AB, Sweden Headquarters CONTACT US BY EMAIL, FOR U.S. CUSTOMERS: Aimpoint Inc., USA Subsidiary CONTACT US BY EMAIL I have been reading the sites about these red dot sights, but I would like to hear from people here what their opinions are on the COmpM4 versues the cheaper models. Be prepared to call/email Aimpoint and give them the serial number. I owned 2 red dot sights total. I see the AIMPoint COmpM4 comes in for a hefty price. On the form, please check the circle to the left of the items or package you would like to select, and fill in the optional questions if applicable. Check if you need a spacer for co-witnessing with the Aimpoint sight. One is a real Aimpoint Comp M2, the other is a replica of it which I bought on eBay for $60 new with the quick detach mount. I am an infantryman with extensive experience using the Aimpoint CompM4S. Subscribe to our newsletter! No need to duplicate all the Aimpoint specs here. Non-transparent flip-up lens covers shall have the Aimpoint logo molded into the front. It’s always recommended to buy your Aimpoint product from an authorized dealer and to keep in mind that if you buy a sight online with a price too good to be true then it probably is a copy/fake. So now I have a T1 2moa with ADM mount for $450 enroute, and a Larue 660 to replace the ADM on the way. Please try again. Aimpoint lists no parallax claims on their website, that could be found at the time of publication, about the Comp M4 or the PRO. Comparing head to head, I found that both the Aimpoint PRO and the Trijicon MRO have slight blue tint on their glass. The battery life in the M4 series is just outstanding. But since there’s only so much you can tell without having one in your hand, I decided to do the best Aimpoint T-1 vs. T-2 review on the web. All Aimpoint sights are manufactured in Sweden so beware of sights and packages from China or Hong Kong. 12223) Aimpoint Flip-up Rear Cover (Item No. I can make a deal price (I'll take a picture of the serial number and box on the MRO for ya). Only use the above phone number for shipping documents. Re: Way to check Aimpoint Serial number? They replaced the battery cap and tube. so as far as the white boxed M4's I called aimpoint and the serial wasnt in the database as a ake. Sent him the serial number and pictures and he verified the authenticity in less than 24 hours. My interests in this review lie solely with the customer: Purchasing an Aimpoint from Amazon is somewhat a risk. The Aimpoint TwistMount allows this transition to occur effortlessly and in just a matter of seconds. how can one tell if an Aimpoint Comp M4 or another aimpoint is stolen/liberated from the military? Whether it is a bolt-action rifle, shotgun, AR-15 carbine, handgun, muzzleloader, or bow – Aimpoint has the sight you need to get you on target faster.

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