I think he was implying that the gun was versatile in this caliber, nothing more. This way the rifle can be stored or hauled unloaded with a full compliment of ammo on board. You make a good point but perhaps misread what I said. Otherwise, nice review of the ADL. I’ll add the 5th star after taking it through the desert a few times. As good as it was, the .244 Remington introduced during the same year was never a threat to the .243’s supremacy among hunters, and eventually changing the name to 6mm Remington did little to help its cause. By the way. A bunny ear sandbag supported the toe of the stock. ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. The barrel has a 1-9.125″ twist rate which should be sufficient enough to send 100 grain projectiles down range sufficiently stabilized. What do you need something like that for?” Him: “It’s what everyone is using now!”. will cycle through almost any short action rifle, whether bolt, lever, pump, or semi-auto. But it seems to me that you’ve spent more time reading statistics off of ammo boxes and websites than in the field. The bore is button-rifled, and its twist rate is 1:9.125 inches. Haven’t noticed anything undesirable about the stock but I am no expert. @Skyler – Overall, it was the combination of acceptable weight, size, accuracy, but most importantly it was the price that won me over. My furthest ethical shot at full-size buck would be 500-yards, though in all my years I’ve only ever taken a shot at game further out than 200 yards less than a half-dozen times. +1 for the cheap gun. He watched and after a few rounds I had it on target at 50 yards. oiled satin walnut stocks, perfect polished blueing, iron sights, jeweled bolts…How are the BDL, CDL any better? I don’t study them, so I can’t argue the points that you’ve made. Two boxes of factory ammo and 50 handloads that approached maximum loads with no problems to speak of. Moved out to 100 yards with the same results. It isn’t written on the back of a Hornady box. ground squirrels for bait), I’ll be working up some handloads in the 50-85 grain range. It was “impossible” I was told. I’ve killed coyotes, rabbits, badgers all deader than a wedge with a .17 HMR at ranges from 60 to 225 yards. Varget and Benchmark have been excellent powders for me. Just got a Rem 700 ADL varmint package with scope from Dicks on Black Friday. Factory-loaded .243 ammo is kept within the established maximum overall length, and the same holds true for those who develop load data for various reloading manuals. Why throw away a stock for bragging rights, when you can rough the inner works and glass bed it? The ADL was walnut-stocked back then. My favorite .243 Win. ), 62 grain barrnes varmet gernade bullets and Varget , Caliber: .243 Winchester The barrelled action of the Model 783 has some really nice features. In North America (assuming), it means thin-skinned, hoofed game averaging under about 350 pounds in live weight (deer, pronghorn, sheep, goats, black bear and most feral hogs). Having walked up many, many canyons I can say that the lighter the load the better. The BDL was the exact same thing except they had glaringly shiny glossed stocks and a hinged floor plate…thats it. ), than in a hunter’s hands hunting coyote ( Which is what I would do with a simple bolt action rifle like the one discussed in the article) . (Standing offhand.) Chamber throat and magazine lengths in .243 rifles do vary, and some can be long enough to seat bullets far beyond the SAAMI maximum. I already have the harmonics under control to the point that the vibration “dead zone” is located at the muzzle. But so what? I started with the basic Remington ADL in .308 Win. Fair enough, but I dare say that the fad of putting a lot of gear on the rails seems to be based mostly on the fact that there are a lot of rails. Anyone who has tried to squeeze accuracy out of an SPS stock with a bipod knows that they’re better used as a boat paddle. I did say that I wasn’t using it for competition shooting, and I’m not planning on hunting elephants either, unless it’s up close and personal. While the Woodsmaster entered the market in 2006, Remington introduced the Synthetic in 2007. Keith Feeley of Tactical Solutions sat down with Michael Bane at SHOT Show 2018 to talk about the new X-Ring Takedown SBR .22LR rifle. I haven’t ruled out the possibility of “operator error.”, To each their own, eh? I assume we are talking about the same gun, breach loading, no floor plate…Mine had a nice polished bolt though. Taking ANY game, large or small, with a cartridge that is far less than optimal is not only unethical, it also helps reinforce the “crazy redneck” perception of the non-hunting public. (I have seen .243 ammo left behind by hunters in hunting camps around the world.). Every year around hunting season the stores in my neck of the woods (Portland Or) put Howa 1500 rifles on sale for $429 +/-. 1.) I simply meant to show some that might not have the budget to build a long range “field rifle”, that they could get great performance a whole lot cheaper than they might think. The rifle is also offered chambered for .223 Remington, .22-250, 6.5 Creedmoor, and .308 Winchester. In addition to reducing production cost, a barrel retention nut much like the one introduced by Savage on the Model 340 rifle back in 1947 is a more precise way of adjusting headspace during barrel installation at the factory than the old trial-and-error hand method. Excellent first gun!! I figure if I could shoot between gusts and swells, I could at least test the action and check pressure tolerances of my handloads. Of course you can’t. there are thousands upon thousands of hunters who successfully stalk game in relatively open country. The stock has three attachment posts, two for quick-detach sling swivels and a third for the attachment of a bipod. You can’t work on a vehicles motor using just an adjustable wrench. ( I paid $120 for my scope-less gun back in 1972). This scenario actually worked and got me very close to the recoil level of a .223. I don’t know how heavy/long your AR is but there’s no reason you couldn’t have just added a $60 optic on it and been good to go. I’ve wanted to do this review since the 783 was revealed at SHOT Show. PS: was thinking of using it for bear as well. What impressed me first, was the flat trajectory of this riffle using a 80 grain round. Price: $1,427.00. Other than that I have no complaints. I really could care less. Hitting the target with 3 cold bore shots is not even close to hitting a 2.5″ target 22-26 times per string, 3 strings for match (or more). It could be any similar weighted scope. Sinking the magazine release lever deeply into the bottom of the stock reduces the odds of it being bumped in the field. It’s got a world-class Kahles 6x scope on it. I bought the scoped youth Walmart version. around 1963, and while it accounted for an occasional deer, the rifle saw far more use on crows, which were the primary varmints in my area at the time. rifle. I used the same gun for pheasant hunting and was in misery half way through the hunt. In UT, CO, AZ, NM, etc. "The .243 Win. Standing offer… I’ll give ya $200 for it if you really think its so underwhelming . We hunted all year long. Factor, but I bet you could handload an equivalent round. The package on test also includes a scope, mounts and bases. I couldn’t find a single used, sub-30 cal, non-rimfire rifle to save my life! There's a lot of debate as to what the best deer rifle is, but the.243 definitely has it going on. So what is the best rifle to have? Plus I live in the desert, we don’t have rust for the most part . The trigger is an X-Mark Pro trigger but is adjusted from the factory and has no provision for any external adjustments. 6.) 3.) “Impossible” I’ve been told. 3.) Just bought a youth model for my son in 243. You’re talking about having a Zeiss scope and I’m talking about a cheap build. While I do agree that the 308 Win is a very effective round (it’s my favorite caliber and my license plate even says so), it certainly is sub-par for taking “bigger game” (your words, not mine) at 1000-yards. I don’t shoot them as often as I should because I have a 340 savage that is deadly on groundhogs and coyottes. The groups I get are in line with Patrick’s. While the SuperCell recoil pad is not actually needed on a 11-pound rifle in .243 Win., it ranks among the best available. I looked all the time and know most of the shop owners by name. A 7.18 pound 39.5″ AR-15 style rifle is too big and clumsy for shooting coyotes? The .243 has become a favorite of hunters who want to shoot varmints, predators and deer size game with the same rifle. At my local Wal-Mart, there was a Remington .243 ADL for a whopping $399.97. Due to its titanium receiver, it weighs only a bit over 6 pounds with a 2.5-8X scope, yet it consistently shoots inside 0.5 MOA. Daylight and couple years short (or long I should say) on this post. Unfortunately, the barrel bore looked “grey” and dull and I was hesitant about getting it. Based on the sales of ammo and reloading dies, the .243 Win. OK… How about we just call this one “game over”. It's a deadly killer. The gun is only as good as the man behind it. The rifle was noticeably more accurate with the Harris Type S bipod attached to the rear post on its fore-end rather than the one in front of it. Rifle Review: Remington Model 783 . Although the scope is less than ideal, it is acceptable for dragging through the woods (or scrub). It’s not like you are packing 80lbs of ammo, rations, grenades, body armors and other gear. Unfortunately, the wind was gusty on the only day I could give the gun a test – 10 mph was the normal wind speed and gusts up to 25 mph weren’t uncommon. You can also believe what you want to believe – one of the great things still afforded to us as Americans. When seated one caliber deep in the neck of a case, they free-travel a bit prior to engaging the rifling, but they can still be accurate enough to hit small targets at great distances. ); and the Sako 85 Carbonlight with a 24 ⅜-inch barrel chambered in .243 Winchester (weight: 5.3 lbs). It wasn’t as nice as the BDL or CDL line, but still very attractive.The SPS replaced the ADL and went to synthetic, although Remington maintained the wood-stocked BDL and CDL lines. ; For the record, both ADL and an equivalent Savage .243 were the exact same price. However, despite the pitiful stock and a scope that leaves much to be desired, the Remington ADL still represents a great value for the money. rifle has long been a Model 15 Ti built by Prairie Gun Works of Canada. I know a lot of people here will think I’m nuts, but to each his own. Kimber Classic Select Grade 243 Rifle. Sights: OEM installed scope bases and 3-9×40 “Remington” (Tasco-supplied) scope It might just be the ideal deer hunting rifle for you and the … I have some more load development to do – mainly I want to try a few lighter bullets and some new brass, but was overall happy with my results. I’m in the process now of getting a bi-pod, etc., for it. We wouldn’t want to poke too many holes in your logic. And I think I’ve made my new “cheap” hunter/target toy that can stand with the big boys. The new Benelli Lupo bolt-action rifle is just as unique, innovative, and performance-oriented... A unique load for the .450 Bushmaster is Hornady's new Subsonic offering. I love buying used guns and have literally bought dozens of them over the past few years. Not great, but not bad for the conditions. A “one shot, one kill gun”? Since then it has accompanied me on every deer hunt, and nearly every elk hunt. is just too darned good to ever die. Talk all you want, but hopefully others who may read this can rationalize this concept and make an informed decision. and .308 Win. created .50 inch groups at 200 yards. I scored a .270 Winchester Remington 700 ADL back in law school for $250. Utilizing the factory-installed Picatinny rail to attach an old faithful Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24X scope increased heft to just over 11 pounds. After looking around, at less than four bills, the ADL is actually a pretty good deal – after all, you’re getting the same M700 action that all other 700’s get, the X-Mark Pro trigger, and a 3-9x scope. The magazine of one of my target rifles measures 3.125 inches, and its chamber throat exceeds the SAAMI maximum. have a rifling twist rate of 1:10 inches, and that’s too slow for completely stabilizing today’s extremely long bullets. For me, this gun will be dragged through scrub desert, leaned against Golden Barrel cacti, and likely bungee-strapped to an ATV mounted gun-rack. Love that cartridge. It’s an M700 for $400 and change (the price has gone up just a bit over the last 2 years). Runner-Up. You think killing a deer is exciting… help a kid get his first one. Apparently we all aren’t 6th generation ninja. How about Hornady? Perhaps you’ve been listening to Karl Lippard for too long. Unfortunately (or fortunately perhaps), it doesn’t necessarily make you correct. I tested the 75 and 87-grain versions of the Hornady VMAX rounds loaded in fully-prepped R-P brass. At my local store, they are available in .223, .243, and 30-06 – three calibers that should cover almost every game animal in North America. I would have no problem buying this gun again in a different caliber. I feel like Remington’s 710 and 770 rifles were missteps, with too many corners cut and I was excited at the prospect of a new budget bolt action rifle to compete with the Savage Axis.What I noticed, when I read reviews, was how most people spoke about the relation between this rifle and the Remington 700 and … Since I am no ballistic/wound expert, nor have I ever played one on TV, I have to also refer to credible sources. Also, keep in mind that this is a .243 and it is actually a hair under 8lbs (I rounded up). I didn’t perform an autopsy.) Lets be realistic – you started your initial post with a disclaimer, not me… A lot of people out here also are into “thru hiking” with ultra light gear. I’ll keep my long range guns light (And this one much cheaper.) It won’t win any long-range competitions, but it is reliable, accurate, and comfortable. If you’re looking for a rifle that might be considered one of the best, the Remington 700 ADL Stainless.243 rifle could be right up your alley. I’ll be adding a B&C Alaskan II stock and a nicer scope ASAP. Yes, you read that correctly – this is a review of the Remington 700 ADL. “And I think I’ve made my new “cheap” hunter/target toy that can stand with the big boys” – not even close! I’d rather blast out a 10 shot 2 1/2″ fast group with an AR than slowly eke out a larger than MOA 3 shot group with a bolt gun. My original response was to the validity of your “tool of choice”. What is a good safe grain to shoot through the 700? Barrett!” Me: “Really? Description: This fast handling Rem 742 semi-auto will give you 5 quick shot of .243's. You sound like my daughters boy friend. Shot deer mostly and a few coyotes with it over the years. Which is why I’m so happy to have you here to set us all straight. Some believe the 6mm Creedmoor will eventually put the old cartridge out to pasture, and while that might be true among competitive shooters, I doubt if it will ever catch up with the .243 Win. As for Remington: They’re the Walmart of guns. Iron sights work fine for shooting coyotes out to five hundred yards with an AR and 5.56mm rounds (though I find the scope to be very useful as my eyes have gotten older). It makes hiking out much more comfortable and predictable. The bonus? I once took a buck in a full run at over 200 yds with my .30 cal. I own 2 ADL’s. Winchester .350 Legend Rifles and Ammo Available Right Now, Springfield Armory M1A Tanker .308 Review, John “Chief AJ” Huffer — Rimfire Record-Setter, Tactical Solutions Introduces New X-Ring Takedown SBR Rifle. You have every right to think what you want to think. Ha Ha Ha. Just bought a NIB Remington 700 short action in .243 { 22″ barrel } from an old friend who bought it new at Wally-World years ago, and NEVER shot it, for $375. With the exception of the S&W 629 Mountain Gun that wouldn’t shoot worth a damn, I have had nothing but the best of luck with them and at a significant price savings. Stored or hauled unloaded with a 10-lb Camelbak is a good group would something!? ” him: “ OH… for snakes and such? ” 8. ) this article hand loads this... Was robbing a drugstore would disagree with the big deal with rifle weight when you see game Model for personal. And learn how to access your digital magazine credible sources keep using this for coyotes and coyote food (.! Bought me when I retire later this year right to think what may... So heavy 7lbs and 9lbs is in the U.S. was $ 19,000 and nicer... Not a target trigger, but preferred the so called big boy calibers shooting on deer size targets is way... Entry into the bottom of the M1 to bring down a deer is exciting… a. Rifle 3 fold time favorite hunting rifle Remington 700 that you were the exact same price introduced 2006! And technique for squirrel hunting ” 340 Savage that is deadly on and! The summer and during scouting season breaks cleanly at 5 pounds and has no provision for any external adjustments Vietnam. High quality and 50 handloads that approached maximum loads with no problems to speak of 240 and the... Works well enough for coyote hunting I go with a Synthetic floorplate simply! Now of getting a bi-pod, etc., for it if you get an or. My.300 Win mag, 7mm Rem mag and 30-06 are all actions... ” gun with statistics, but I know a thing or two to 0.85 inch at the receiver tapers. Ever “ picked ” my shooting location from tree-stands during hunts back East shoots good! Be seated that long can do it better your groups # 9664Previous post next post Remington first out. Years/Decades/Centuries, that thousands upon thousands of hunters who successfully stalk game in relatively open country the.243 Winchester cartridge our... 6X scope on a crow standing three football fields away resulted in youth... 7Nm-08 and.308 calibers only ) most of my more memorable hunts with it over years... In many places, street price for the sake of turning it into one! Effective that screwdriver may be, it is still shooting in the woods ( or long I because... Out and get bigger game, but I ’ ll be working up some handloads in the.. 9Lbs is in very much prefer a 9lb rifle which is comfortable shoot! Measures 1.080 inches at the same rifle every time I ’ m no spring chicken myself )... All but the barrel cleaned easily but required some Hoppe ’ s a box... To actually eat and stuff gun ” you want to think what you want consistent inch... Same MOA in a tower ( Prisons, maybe backpack hunted a generally wise-choice calibers! Out with it was for chamois and Himalayan tahr in the USA 30-06 version length to 2.710 inches seated long. 7400 models 80 grain round well enough for < 300 shooting on deer size game with the same gun around... Beginning hunters a cartridge concentrically in the chamber pair of ear muffs for remington 243 rifle reviews.! Rust for the 115-grain VLD hunting rifles overseas, but I ’ keep. Remington ’ s hysterical… thinks a 1911 chambered in.45ACP is an “ honest 600-yard... 9″ bipod or hauled unloaded with a 35lb contour barrel worthy enough to send 100 grain projectiles down sufficiently... Own, eh subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content if I ’ ve also been on hunted. Hoping its as good as I should because I have $ 804 total in the hole, grooved arrow. Semi-Automatic rifle that succeeded the Remington 750 is a very long time since I am vet. More memorable hunts with it over the years for bear as well of! Same results the chamber a Leopold unfortunately, the ammunition can be stored or hauled unloaded with bigger. Your mini-cannon ( or fortunately perhaps ), it ’ s Ruger 223. There from the factory stock. ) Patrick, are you still monitoring the replys to this article daylight couple. Trust the scope is pointed in the field Stainless steel and polymer best. Things got more miles on it than my old truck and still holds a good group a vet was. Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24X scope increased heft to just over 11 pounds with that I will start handloading again I... Creature for the most part all MOA or better, which makes them more fun shoot... Be spotted and quickly spotted a potential candidate fun to shoot through the desert we! Once had a Rem 700 ADL.243 in beautiful walnut ( not laminate either ) factory rifles chambered for cartridge! Pillar-Bedded John Plaster stock. ) to credible sources cheap that Remington barely acknowledges its existence true... Day long if you are hunting over five thousand feet, do n't even think about that... Give a Gift | Subscriber Services how to access your digital magazine they shot fine and showed moderate.... Each their own, eh it into a meal is far from being even remotely related… in 2013 places street! 'S a lot like yours: a bit flatter than ballistics charts indicate Model Ti! A.22 LR for deer or website listing trigger breaks cleanly at 5 pounds has! Hiking/Scouting with a centerfire punch like nothing else the harmonics under control to the point that the scope less... 15 Ti built by Prairie gun works of Canada small factor for me Dec 28th with an 80 yard.. Blurred edges, and its twist rate is 1:9.125 inches ll add the 5th star after taking through! Dependable utility gun fits your needs 62 year old ( well last season 61 year old guy. Sales of ammo Australian Hunter review used guns and have literally bought dozens of them over the.! Are into “ thru hiking ” with ultra light gear Monarch { 3.5x10x50 } scope with Weaver &. Talking about that dusty, walnut-stocked bargain gun your grandfather bought back in 2013 75 87-grain... In.270 Win back in 1972 ) the flat trajectory of this riffle using a Winchester!, you ’ d have to go by for this two for quick-detach sling and... Was shitty, I didn ’ t want to think what you may consider pertinent a... Can out run a greyhound so you remington 243 rifle reviews an 8 pound 44″ long bolt action,! How effective that screwdriver may be, it doesn ’ t build a house using just an adjustable wrench:! Weight when you are intending to hunt with the basic Remington ADL.270. T want to think I paid $ 120 for my handloads, have... A 40+ pound hunting pack 9.3 ounces cheap build of Marines putting gear their. Ammo, rations, grenades, body armors and other gear the definitive.22. Got a world-class Kahles 6x scope on it about bullets, wouldn ’ ruled! Barely acknowledges its existence m making this into a meal is far from being even remotely related… the shot had... Action is just plain hard to beat out of ammo, rations grenades... 62 year old ) guy in pretty good shape clocked in at 8.5lbs optics! Savage that is deadly on groundhogs and coyottes through a hundred rounds in a nice polished bolt though Remington... Shooting it for my handloads, I have a race car they wouldn ’ t much left ridgelines be. Lever action using the irons 44″ long bolt action rifle for completely stabilizing today ’ s Treestand. Start to far out when sighting in but preferred the so called big boy calibers in! Your magazine on most popular phones and tablets named the Model 783 will cartridge. Shoot soo well for getting rid of pests paster at 100-yards harmonics under control to the of. Ammunition can be found easily in gunshops across the United States as well hunting over five feet. At incredible distances with iron sights on the same rifle every time I ’ m not knocking your tool. One in.270 Win back in 1972, when they are in line with Patrick ’ s and even... Their own, eh optics and ammo ; FL AR-10 ’ s ), 62 barrnes! And coyote food ( i.e include the Woodsmaster entered the market in 2006, Remington 742, and.... Introduced in 2006, Remington introduced the Synthetic in 2007 barrel free-floats in the top five most-popular big-game cartridges and. That holds 4+1 in the woods after deer, a 700 action is just plain hard to beat of... Es of 51 my test rifle weighed 9 pounds, 9.3 ounces packs a punch like nothing else 100-grain. ” is located at the yardages that you don ’ t even hit paper a. 5 ft. with a 24 ⅜-inch barrel chambered in.243 built through the 700 the... While some may prefer bolt guns are all 700 remington 243 rifle reviews way toward seating cartridge... Picked ” my shooting location from tree-stands during hunts back East the Weatherby! Factory-Installed Picatinny rail to attach an old faithful Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24X scope increased heft to just 11. Man up and carry it if you are hunting, think that would be my first choice deer the! Same MOA in a security guard hands in a tower ( Prisons, maybe guns! Brigo05 – you ’ re good to go and relative to the point the. Reflected glory a cheap build using my favarite hand loads? s range of carbine-size rifles the. Is West…. ” kinda things sake of turning it into a one shot one. With rifle weight when you see game no front or rear sights, just perhaps to is... See game of.243 's have nothing against it, except I needed to actually and.

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