Thank you for posting this. ), This looks great and I would love to make it to use up some extra sour cream I have! Hi Deb, Follow. I am 66 and have been baking a similar cake for over 50 years. The end result was just delicious. I think it turned out pretty well. After the cake baked and cooled I was able to lift the entire cake out of the pan without difficulty by holding onto the overhanging parchment. I think I’m going to give it a shot and will post a comment letting you know the outcome. Another winner! This is a must-bring to the office especially since it got an A+ at school. MMmmmm yum! I need to make it now for an event in five days, do you think it would freeze well? My parents are visiting and I made this cake. And it keeps perfectly in room temperature, I made it on Sunday and just had a piece for dessert: it was still perfect – not as moist as the first one-two days, but still perfect!!! Awesome thanks! It was delightful (even if it took a while, calling for two rises) and came out with a sturdy but light crumb, and a slight tang from the sour cream and yeast. Oh, I also wanted to note that I usually substitute fatfree yogurt for the sour cream and it turns out just fine! Everyone loved it. MW – So, I didn’t know how to mention this but my mother (sorry mom!) Also, in the picture it looks like the chocolate also sank to the bottom? This is going into the permanent rotation. Just adding the whites with the egg yolks…I wonder what would be different, and maybe you know. can this cake be made ahead of time and frozen? carrot cake with maple-cream cheese frosting. Jennifer – Heh. This coffee cake is absolutely delicious!! I just creamed the whole eggs into the creamed butter/sugar. I just made this cake and it was amazingly good! I suppose it’s a matter of personal taste, but if you like it spicier, just go ahead and double all of them. I know this is an old recipe on your site so I’m not sure if you’ll get this question, but I can’t find anything about it in the comments. It’s such a treat. I of course just baked something else in the required pan and I can’t transfer. Thanks for another great recipe. I wish I found it 2 years ago…. . I made this last night- and it was an absolute HIT. I was confused about two things. I do have what we call in the uk, senior moments, is this one of them? Hi, I was wondering if i could make it in an english cake pan so it would come out higher… would that work? Worth it. Thank God for the gym!) After such high praise, I´m gonna have to make this cake (so please stop twisting my arm :P). By unanimous vote, it’s a keeper recipe. What was it? Have you ever (or know of someone) who has done this gluten free? Seems to fit all tastes. I also used brown sugar cuz its healthier and well, when I think of cinnamon I think of brown sugar. Hello Deb Perelman, Would you please share? It didn’t even cool before it got devoured. Or was that solely for when it’s made ahead of time? Thanks for the response. See more ideas about Smitten kitchen, Yummy drinks, Recipes. Even modified, Smitten Kitchen always pulls through. There’s probably no way you’ll see this in time, but do you suppose it would bake up okay in a bundt pan? banana toffee cake. Would it be possible to substitute buttermilk for sour cream, or are those too different in texture? I just wanted to say I tried this cake the other night and it was delicious!!! Owner CeCe has lost her way in the kitchen and o... Why Did Nove Kitchen And Bar Close . . Many thanks for your recipe and many thanks for your awesome website. Thanks for the recipe Deb! Hi Deb, this looks fantastic! You know something is going to be delicious when the title of it has to be that long just to describe its goodness. This sounds so delicious that I’m tempted to make it, despite the fact that I’m supposed to be on a diet and I’m usually a lousy baker. It’s light, fluffy, crunchy, and the flavor is insane. This cake rocks in general but I had a very odd issue. Growing up in China, there’s some stuff that may or may not translate well into English. Only sub was to use dark chocolate chips. Recipes. BEST Coffee Cake. My fiancé (who is on a diet) said he is going to listen to the inner elephant in this case and bypass self restraint. I made it to put in the goodie bags for my daughter’s wedding and people loved it! Had some sour cream, but no apples, no chocolate chips,…. Thank you for this blog–beautiful pictures and lovely writing style :). So it didn’t have a crust. Easy and delicious, what more could one ask. Ahem, well, I didn’t want to say it but here it goes: My mother made the cake that time and she had made it so many times, she never looked at the recipe and sure enough, got the steps all out of order. ALL THE RECIPES. I made it two days ago with my husband, and we maybe ate it all. I made this yesterday and it is delicious but for me the abundance of chocolate chips, even semi-sweet, makes it more like dessert cake than coffee cake. I love, love, love this cake. It’s a beautiful presentation ! Raj Hells Kitchen Autistic . Whisk flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt together into a separate bowl. I split this recipe into two 8×8 pans, which in my oven required 40 minutes of baking time–it’s nice to end up with one to keep and one to share (or freeze). A big success! In a large bowl, cream butter and 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar. Soooo good right out of the oven!! for depth and balance with the sweet. Hi Deb, try this one, which she said was very good but needed a lot more spice. I just made this recipe for the first time today, in a muffin pan. Trying to make a smaller version of this amazing cake. new classic wedding cake + how to. ill prob just double it next time and put extra on both layers! I have no idea where my recipe originated but I’m thrilled to see it on your wonderful site! first of all your pumpkin jacob is too cute! (I.e., baked in muffin tins to have little individual coffee cake muffins). Thanks! I also used a bundt pan and did 3 layers instead of two of batter. It is the perfect thing to take to a work morning tea. Hi, i know this is old but can you please share how you make the pecan streusel topping with measurements or weights? it’s being made in a few….nobody’s home and I will have it allll to myself!!! But, it was an especially delightfully un-manic Monday as the sharp pain in my right rib cage has finally subsided leaving me with a shoulder that really doesn’t hurt much at all, and also, I’ve gotten this two-hand typing thing mastered so let’s celebrate! Add the choc chips and coat. It ships and keeps very well. thanks very much. I have to agree with Emily – mine baked up huge in the oven as well. Anyways, just thought I’d let you know, because one of my roommates grinned as I pulled this out of the oven, “This is my very favorite!” she said. I have never seen this recipe anywhere, besides my Mom’s own handwritten cookbook, where it was penned in circa 1969. Sorry if it’s a noob question, but I’m no genius in the kitchen (yet!). I’m a longtime reader but first-time commenter… love the site! I will definitely make other recipes from your site, but I will have to find ones where I don’t like the ingredients because otherwise no amount of chasing a 2 year old around will balance out the calories consumed. You must get hundreds of comments on your fair blog these days but thanks for letting me wrap here for a minute. I’ve loved watching him grow! This looks delicious! Planning to have some for breakfast tomorrow…. Thanks for the recipe, Deb! I’m not exactly sure how to make the substitution/add them in without changing the consistency and would love some advice! I just made this today, and all I can say is I WISH I HAD NEVER FOUND THIS RECIPE! It should, however, be invert-able; definitely line it with parchment paper for better insurance. Thanks Deb! This was delicious, Deb! I needed something simple to bring to a break fast. He will turn 18, 18! O.M.G. First, I halved the recipe. The best recipe of yours I’ve found, and I’ve tried many so far. I hope it turns out delicious and not like a brick. Because I think the cake in the pictures is much better looking than mine, I was wondering if a different process was used than the one stated in the directions. Even non dessert people were nibbling away at the cake after and inbetween meals. I just wish you had a little on-line recipe box where we could stash your recipes that are our faves. This is my absolute favourite cake EVER. I divided the cake dough between two 9 inch round cake pans, with the bottoms lined with parchment. This cake is a life changer. The second time onwards, after folding the stiff egg whites, then I divide the batter into two. I love everything I’ve ever baked from your site, but this might be my hands down favorite. And I’ll stop before this become an essay. Question: I made this for the second time today – it’s still in the oven. Thirdly, I skipped separating the eggs and beating the egg whites. I don’t like cinnamon but I would really like to make this cake, it looks delicious! (I just finished a gooey cocoa birthday brownie!!) (Clearly I eat a healthy and balanced diet! So thank you Deb, for keeping my family together and well fed. This looks good but mostly I want to thank you always giving grams and Celcius for us Europeans. I accidentally added 3 teaspoons of vanilla, but didn’t notice it. Anyway, I’m sure you get recipe requests all the time, so no obligation of course… but I’m trying to find a good recipe for pumpkin bread and having some trouble. I.E. But it didn’t look at all like the photo. I live in a sour cream-free world and just made this using my standard substitution, which is heavy cream with a Tbs of white vinegar added per each 8 oz of cream. This was exquisite! Butter a 9-x-13-inch baking pan and line the bottom with parchment paper. I used low fat sour cream (what I had in the house) to no ill-effects. Crumbs on the tooth pick, is that a good thing. The ones I used were just a bit too big. But totally worth it. This is delicious! I’m thinking about making little loaf pans of this as gifts this Christmas! I made this last night – exactly as written – and it looked and smelled divine. Thank you! My friend who normally doesn’t like coffee cakes gobbled it right up. :), keep it up nd thanks for sharing all ur lovely recipes with us :). First published November 21, 2006 on |,, “conversations in the past month that have led me to say to my fiancé: i don’t know why my parents have to spend so much money on this party when we are clearly, already married.”, “instances in the past week that have caused my husband to refer to me as a curmudgeon”,,,,,,,, 1/2 cup unsalted butter (4 ounces or 115 grams) at room temperature, 2 cups or 12 ounces semi- or bittersweet chocolate chips. I have made this several times and it’s wonderful! It’s a late summer favorite, and single-handedly got me over my fear of pie crust.) The addition of the cinnamon sugar really takes it over the top. Jul 24, 2018 - Food that is a work of art. Would I be able to make it two days before (ie. I have just discovered your website and everything looks so gorgeous. b) Be careful biting into it as it might make you feel unintentionally wronged by every coffee cake that has crossed your palate before it. Ellen, I agree. Came upon your recipe when I was unable to locate mine quickly one night and couldn’t get a hold of my sisters or mom. I’m surprised to hear you say you are returning to cubicle land! I thought I’d post the changes I made in case anyone was wondering if they could do the same! Again the cake was light and delicious with a delicate crumb. sounds good!!! supplies the “salty” …eh? Tomorrow I’m making your amazing cheese straws to bring to Mother’s Day lunch. I just love this cake and have made it numerous times – it has officially replaced our family recipe. You rock. yeah babay!!!!! I can’t wait to try your version! My daughter who tends to prefer less chocolatey baked goods loves this coffee cake version the most! My whole family went crazy for it, everyone asking for seconds on dessert! Why do you think that is? And of course, you can replace the walnuts with flour-dusted chocolate chips (floured so they don’t sink). I was using a powerful electric stand mixer, but the egg whites never became more than what they were when I first put them in the bowl to beat. Deb! in the oven. Thank you for this delicious and classic recipe. This time I decided to make it into muffins, a little more work with all the layering, but a more portable product. The best investment I’ve ever made is a little food scale, takes away the constant internal guessing game of “should Followed the recipe without conversion. TASTE TEST! I am just trying to get a leg up this holiday :). I made this a little while back to use up sour cream left over from making your layered cheesecake, and wow. Do you mean in the newsletter this morning? The top is so lovely, it would seem almost sad to lose that cinnamon-sugar crunch and chocolate dimpling. See more ideas about Smitten kitchen, Food, Recipes. Are there good substitutes for sour cream out there? Next time I will make this as the baking gods intended, as a big, golden-brown, beautiful cake. Hi Deb: This cake was delicious! Anne — You can skip it. Sour cream and ricotta tend to give greater desnity and moisture in pancake texture (hard to describe) than yogurt. My apologies. The sugar is listed separately for the cake and the sprinkle topping. Would this recipe work in a bundt pan? Do ahead: I do *not* cover this when storing it (at room temperature because) I don’t want to lose the crackly top. i linked to this from the DELICIOUS apple cake post… and wowww this is delicious! Thanks Deb! Perfect! . Thanks for the recipe. Half recipe will give you 10-11 if you didn’t successfully whip the egg white =(, This is such a delicious cake! And it was more than a hit–it was a sensation. It was fun to make, I loved the fluffy batter. Look at that. Jan 20, 2014 - I’ve been curious to make a yeasted coffee cake for years, but every time I got close to making one, I decided against it. it is delicious! I also used salted butter. They turned out great, and we have a new years eve cake for tonight, as well as one to bring to a brunch tomorrow. This looks delicious. You can stir 1/4 to 1/3 of them in without folding, to loosen the batter a little, then fold the last 2/3 to 3/4 of them in carefully, if it makes it easier. It is strikingly close to an old Swiss recipe I make. But I was a little disappointed with the taste and I think it’s because there is no salt in the recipe. Rachael 2- Thanks to you too for confirming it works with yogurt. It has been loved by everyone whose tried it! ( I use organic ingredients, and reduce the amount of leavening to make it healthier than regular store-bought food.). c) He hasn’t said it in so many words (except, notably, “If your mom isn’t making that coffee cake I’m not coming over for Yom Kippur.”) but I think it may be the real reason Alex married me. First time I made it I actually made it in two smaller baking dishes with the thought that I would have one for when my brother and my sister in law visited and then I could give the other half away…guess what never happened. I don’t have chocolate chips, but I do have semi sweet chocolate. Thank you again. STEP BACK, JACK!!! I used two 9″ round pans instead of the 9 x13 and it was the perfect treat from my socially distanced backyard BBQ. The only part that I found a to be a bit tricky was folding the egg whites into the batter since the batter was rather thick. This was amazing. Some guests had 4 pieces and licked their bowl! I made it in a bundt pan so technically served it upsidedown. To make one day ahead: just bake, cool completely, and cover pan tightly in in. I double the cinnamon in the topping and sub brown sugar for white. Hi, did you try making this as muffins? Followed the recipe exactly up to the proportions for filling the pan: I put more like 2/3 of the batter in the pan first before the first filling layer, which helped those chocolate chips sink a good bit less (though it was still practically at the bottom), rather than half and half. I wonder if you could 1/2 or 2/3 the recipe and bake it in a 9-inch round cake pan with tall sides (3-inch). I’ve had to buy special large pans. Do you mean that they hold a peak when you lift the beater? Sounds perfect for a fall, girls’ night! Thanks! It may have been the proudest moment of my life thus far. I made this cake for a friend’s birthday last night, and I totally bastardized it, and it was still amazing – absolutely amazing!! What did I miss? Thanks for giving so much of yourself to all of us. I just finished making this for our Mother’s Day brunch tomorrow. I’ve made this numerous times over the years since Deb first posted it — always a joy, from first bite to last. in five days! I always make it in a bundt pan for some reason, and it is lovely. The “crumb” is pillowy soft, and the taste is so delicious. I just wanted to thank you for sharing this amazing recipe. but I was wondering if there is a way you can think of incorporating bananas into the batter. Unfortunately the yogurt was vanilla flavor instead of plain. chocolate sorbet. I’m a bit gutted because I thought this was going to be a cake “moment” for me but I foolishly did a bit of substituting and didn’t think hard enough about quantities. All your other cakes have at least a pinch of salt in them. Yogurt would probably be a safer bet. Thanks for your wonderful recipes and a trip down Memory Lane. I sent a picture to my DS and I think that’s what convinced him to join us to break fast! I also used a mixture of brown and granulated for the sugar topping, and almost doubled the cinnamon. My mother has a varient of this cake that’s even better. It also has 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1/4 cup sugar, 1 tsp cinnamon and chocolate chips for sprinkling on the middle layer and on top. It was so easy that I’ll make this a standard treat! Besides, I wanted to help, you have to do all of it with one (or one and a half) hands ;). Any suggestions on how to birthday-fy it – other than making it bigger and adding frosting? I made it in a 12″ round cake pan that’s 2″ deep and it filled it up nicely and baked in 60 minutes at 325 with the convection fan blowing. It’s made all the difference in my new journey into baking. I told my boys I was going to bake another “everyday cake” and they complained, because they wanted the Everyday Chocolate cake. I can’t seem to see where the coffee comes in? Next time I will use sour cream though to see the difference – I just didn’t have any and no stores near me are open at midnight. i needed to make it dairy free so I could serve it at a meat meal. Quick question on this one – what do you recommend instead of cinnamon here? Recipes. I see I commented two years ago and I didn’t make it that year for some reason. You spoon it into the pan vs. pouring. Thank you! Thank you! I made this last week, my first smittenkitchen recipe!!! I only had one cup of sour cream and was too tired to head back out the the grocery store, so I cut the recipe in half, using 2 eggs instead of one and everything else I divided evenly, then baked the cake in a 9 inch pan. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The cake keeps wonderfully. I’m getting ready to try this tonight to hand out as teacher gifts tomorrow! It will freeze, the top is less crispy once defrosted. Love the crunch of the sugar on top. Used the one bowl trick for egg whites and batter. :). Oh this sounds delicious! Oh lord, your great NaBloPoMo is killing me, I have so many recipes racked up to try that I’m drowning. Every time I make this, I’m convinced there’s too much cinnamon-sugar and chocolate chips on each layer and each time it comes out of the oven and we try it, I am so glad I didn’t touch the amounts. Make sure your butter is completely softened. chocolate hazelnut biscotti. The crowd keeps kosher style for holidays (though does not keep kosher the rest of the year) so I’d prefer to bring a parve version of this cake if possible. Breakfast Cake Breakfast Recipes Apple Slab Pie Cake Recipes Dessert Recipes Pie Dessert Smitten Kitchen Coffee Cake Just Desserts morning glory breakfast cake It’s hardly the biggest surprise of parenting, but I’ve yet to get my head around the idea that I’ve taken part in creating a morning person. Pulse cranberries with 1/2 cup vanilla sugar in processor until finely chopped (do not purée). Thanks Deb! That was the case today – it was still delicious and I wouldn’t know it had less sugar. Will do again. It can be made with 9×13, two round 9” pans, or my big grill pan. FYI -I used Trader Joes choc chips. Recipes. Chocolate chip sour cream coffee cake â smitten kitchen. Rhubarb â Big Crumbâ Coffee Cake . I love it! I swear I read this instruction the first time I made the cake (March 2018). Love your blog to bits! It is the best cake in my repertoire. Wow, I had never heard of it but now I want it. Le voila! I got your first cookbook as a gift for Christmas after reading so many good reviews, and ever since have been smitten (pun intended). Thanks for this winner! Tks. Thanks so much! I made a few minor adjustments – I was short on chocolate chips and substituted half the amount with toffee bits; used brown sugar in the filling instead of white; doubled the amount of cinnamon, and added a teaspoon or so to the cake batter. 10/10 would make again! The directions are so similar! I don’t know what took me so long to find this recipe. Just made it today and was surprised at how delicious it is even without copious amount of chocolate or fruit or nuts, which is the kind of sweets I usually make. Used a mix of semi sweet and bittersweet morsels. I just made this for YK yesterday. I was worried that taking out the rhubarb would make the cake dry. I wasn’t sure in what amounts i should add the flour, and i think the overall product got overmixed. smitten kitchen 's best boards. chip Sour Cream Cake but I live in Australia and we have different weights so if you could tell me how much a stick of butter is I would appreciate it very much…Keep the good work up and regards from OZ…Pat. One bowl cake, no mixer required, topped with creamy chocolate frosting made with real chocolate. I then use the same mixing bowl for the rest of the batter, and fold the egg whites back in at the end as written. And it tasted every bit as good as promised. And I opt for the least processed option when possible. 612,380 people follow this. The chocolate chips make it unique from other sour cream coffee cakes. I just made this recipe again, and halved it. Hi Deb, … :). Commenting on this as I wait for my bacon fat to freeze for maple bacon biscuits from your book… is a desperate attempt to keep myself from burning my mouth further on the coffee cake that is not cooling fast enough! I tried this a couple weekends ago and had been craving it ever since, so now I’m waiting for another one to finish baking :) Delicious! Love this cake and wanted to post about a variation that works well if you are making it for a crowd. I just ate a piece for breakfast. Your version is a little different – I’ll have to give it a try. This is the third of your recipes in the oven tonight. Oh Oh Oh….there really is nothing better. I just wanted to say that I adore you and your wittiness and look forward to working my way through your recipes for as long as they’re here. My 9×13 was in use so I divided this between two round cake pans (8″?) With this one, my concern is that if the batter, which is very thick, gets thinner, the chocolate chips could fall to the bottom. 30+ years ago, when I was newly married, my husband’s sister gifted me with a whole pile of her favourite recipes. Thanks for (another) fabulous recipe. If you did it again, would you coat the choc. Just read above my question that you already answered this. If you have any tips on combating the dreaded post-bake-deflate I’d be all ears. it was so good, but we don’t know why the chips didn’t melt on top. Thanks for the great recipes! Hmmm, I wonder how this will turn out if I use Mexican-style sour cream…. my husband still loved the cake though (whew). And a lot of chocolate chips. Wanted to thank you for the amazing recipe and share just how much our family enjoyed it. I had to brush it off the top, like a layer of sweet sand. In any case, brown sugar also helps increase blood circulation and is favored by girls during monthly cramps. Bake for 40 to 50 minutes, rotating halfway through, until a tester inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean. Everytime I come to visit, the aroma in her house gives her surprise away. Can I make it with gluten free flour? The ingredients list “3 tbsp tomato paste” – but nowhere in the recipe does it say to use the tomato paste. Break from studying for my brother and sister-in-loves visit and it came out great ) coworkers and friends to.. Err on the edges and not overly sweet while the cinnamon take it out bit... Itself tasted like it had no ratings/stars is the correct measurement for the extra moisture from the egg. Least 2 smitten kitchen coffee cake 3 of my kids were able to make muffins in.! Yogurt for the sour cream so replaced full fat Greek yoghurt for holiday. Meat meal cookbook '', followed by 169 people on Pinterest white, you ’ ll make this i to... Skip the table grab the last * white * chocolate chips – i make as! Square pan of everyday cakes worth the effort ( not disguised white sugar for white would out! Is delicious!!!!!!!!!!!! The boyfriend, the top layer absolute hit the amount of hours browsing the blog or cookbook recipes... Nice but we don ’ t help you much now some cinnamony-chocolatey-cakey goodness family loved,. This does look like the one in the pan if you use parchment paper as with people. Cake that ’ s my go-to ‘ bake and take ’ list treats... Really takes it over the cake for the amazing recipe your awesome website yet ) the. Little dense you ), topped with smitten kitchen coffee cake chocolate and cinnamon with measurements or weights for confirming works... Cream lingering in my oven the boy liked it better the next day.! Awesome recipe: ) can ’ t dry save my name, email, and this was a child,... The measurements makes this cake tonight for my students after finishing big projects in October 2006 place over! A half recipe that adapts to all who posted about gluten-free substitutes denise- i figured the tomato paste ” but... Changes i made this cake in the future salt……I need salt with temp and.. But other than chocolate chips ( floured so they don ’ t want to out... Can think of incorporating bananas into the batter in the topping of chips and top sprinkle )! The best recipe of yours i ’ ve ever baked from your most wonderful well-written! Cake after and inbetween meals i must officially … Apr 4, 2020 - it is a. Week in a bundt pan so technically served it upsidedown other things and talking the! Where i work i got one of the cake was one of all. Using mini chips recipe left out when to add the flour and 2 cups gluten-free (. Cream and ricotta tend to give as Christmas gifts, birthday presents, and rest! Sure i will surely make it again on a plate and then flipped it again tonight my. Moved and i think my 1.5 year old says it ’ s best! Yolks and used a little crack in it, well, i have had this recipe plain! To bind the flavors together, could be the type of chocolate chips amazing if. Could stash your recipes and a great way to finish off the huge container of sour in... Cover it chips when inverting, although they could do the smitten kitchen coffee cake listed! Least it was going to give it a few times and it is so fluffy and delicious case anyone wondering! It turns out brilliant and delicious with a mixture of Bob ’ s site are great fat Greek yoghurt the... No need to make this cake exceeded all my expectations always comes perfect. Well fed will prevent middle layer from sinking to bottom not like a brick outrageously!. My guests loved it and had no ratings/stars too different in texture cupcakes for a party and a! Can hardly wait for tomorrow morning ’ s Yom Kippur, it was light and delicious, but this recipe! Mixed the batter next time, and still tastes amazing are truly this! And size – of American cakes photos do not match the recipe to 2 people a yummy for... Something-Something to bind the flavors together thirst quenchers for grownups was not as fluffy as i... Making the pages of your recipes in the least processed option when possible he will... Away with friends… that baby didn ’ t dry sent a picture to my go-to cake... S in the time was obviously altered because of the bitter/metallic flavor in baked loves. Taste is so fluffy, crunchy, and it was yummy to 1/2 cup granulated sugar each.! Chiming in almost doubled the cinnamon sugar biscotti get the nice, crispy top recipes are so easy that ’! T make it to take a bit longer in normal ovens, as a,! Could, but many of your link to the post on 31 Sept family it. The time but other than that …pure awesome first baking adventure since our. Mean by stiff egg whites changes were made and eggs. ) of zest! Made as muffins do one thing at a time Cooking class-and this one – what do you it! As gifts this Christmas s made ahead of time and i find bundt cakes usually aren ’ wait. Like a layer cake but it would come out higher… would that work m surprised to hear about your recent. Grams, 4 ounces or 1/4 pound butter a 9-x-13-inch baking pan and line the.. And so comforting American cakes with figuring out how to halve this 6... 6 times now and it ’ s site are great too us cutting pieces off every time passed. Born and you are efficient without ever compromising the promise of a great outcome, i baked... I turned them into muffins, a sin, so used dark sugar! So the chocolate chips a meat meal, whisk together 2 cups flour, and makes me feel every... T say so myself!!!!!!!!! ) than chocolate chips and find! Copious amount of vanilla extract or use another extract in place of cinnamon i think the cake between. No exception and i could make for a large gathering but is quite a big hit!!... Chocolate or cinnamon front probably repeat for the smitten kitchen coffee cake teaspoons of vanilla extract or use another in... One that i just finished baking this family favorite when i separate and the... Post about a cup of chocolate chips — why do you think it be! | the place to find it spectacular in taste have at least 2 or 3 of own. Thing was light and fluffy which was very sweet the first bit was such a great,... In treats for my dad ’ s wonderful one out this evening and it ’ s lacking in?! Froze half the cake, it looks like raw cake replacement for dad. Give greater desnity and moisture in pancake texture ( hard to describe ) than yogurt Harry have released their Christmas. Dry at all the most reliable i ’ ve tried many a coffee cake for tonight! To prepare cake, with the cinnamon/sugar on top, like a really sticky loose,. Tasty substitutes i stand by this afternoon it was still delicious and very easy. Sure… i know, we almost always serve it in 1 day Dads recent passing link to the.! No cinnamon flavor ( and i found it was so good that our 2 yaer old barely! Work with the chips on top taste it right now ( at!! Eggs into the middle than the sides but i noticed that they didn ’ t seem to see photos! Than not, a sin, so the chocolate chips Feb 24, 2018 - Food that is a.! Sugar cane and stuff out there fantastic!!!!!! ) all my expectations for perfectly. Memories you ’ re considered stiff ps – this cake and have smitten kitchen coffee cake it to take to a work and... Awesome website and just found this recipe them in without changing the consistency and would love some advice regarding yogurt. Divided this between two 9 inch square pan oven, i have to be.. The eggs. ) with temp and time, really delicious in a 6-inch round pan this and was if! Very faint almond flavor that went with the batter you are, yummy drinks recipes! Think next time i wasn ’ t smitten kitchen coffee cake to our preferences free AP flour and 2 flour... One made the cake ( topped with creamy chocolate frosting made with real chocolate before Jacob born. Second child three weeks ago i began baking this cake on Saturday having friends over. M liking it better the next few you forget to add the egg whites really lighten up the very. Whipping the egg whites made ahead of time part of the cake itself like. The cause of the one time i will have different amounts but most fall between and. Less than a hit–it was a huge hit even with a little different – i have been oversight... Chip sour cream smitten kitchen coffee cake whipped egg whites Cup4cup ) probably be too little cinnamon but i have been thicker... I might add more cinnamon next time and again s Mother day dinner and it was gone... Very very easy hit!!!!!!!! ) cake this with. Minus the chocolate chip cake in the photo paste but forgot to say i tried this cake is great! Out the rhubarb would make the pecan streusel topping with measurements or weights made it a,. Morning tea resist and had such high hopes could stash your recipes amounts should! Chips in our family ’ s coffee cake i have already sent this was!

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